In 2017, Hotel California By the Sea will be launching an Alumni Service Program that will provide life-long support for all of our clients during and after they’ve left treatment with us. As many of us know from being in recovery ourselves, treatment is only the beginning of a life-long journey of recovery that takes a tremendous amount of effort, dedication, patience, and fellowship with other alcoholics/addicts. Our client’s solution to a new and beautiful life starts at HCBTS however we are certainly not the cure to addiction. We believe that a huge part of the cure to addiction comes through one’s continuous dedication and involvement in the fellowship of alcoholics anonymous because of what it offers, a support system of other alcoholics who share a common problem as well as a common solution. Without a strong support system, the recovering alcoholic/addict has very little hope for staying sober long-term.

At HCBTS we facilitate the path for our clients to heal and learn a new way of life. We are the bridge in which our clients reside upon for the duration of their treatment. When the time comes for our clients to transition back into the real world, they are fully equipped to face reality while applying the tools, knowledge and experience that they’ve gained at HCBTS. Transitioning back to the other side of the bridge (to the real world) can be intimidating, and extremely frightening at times which is why one’s fellowship with other alcoholics and a strong support system is essential in ones recovery. Feeling apart of and knowing that you have support makes it possible for the alcoholic to live in the real world and face whatever fear comes their way without having to pick up a drink or use a drug. Because of the tools our clients gain while in treatment with us, our clients learn how to see the light at the end of the tunnel even when it is pitch black.

The Alumni Services Program will have its own offices where current and past clients can schedule an appointment with a coordinator or simply stop in. Whether clients need computer access, help with job placement assistance, higher education options and enrollment assistance, volunteer work coordination, sober living placement, free activities, career assessment and counseling, resume building, 12 step meetings schedules, 12 step meeting placements, literature materials, regular alumni 12 step meetings schedules, sponsorship lists, step work; whatever it is that our clients (both current and past) need help with, there will be someone there to help them. Our purpose for creating this new program is to mentor, teach, and coach our clients so that they have the tools and the resources necessary to do whatever it is that they want to do in life. This program will also allow for us to build strong and lasting friendships with our clients, which in turn will create a wonderful sense of community among HCBTS staff, clients and alumni. Both current and past clients will always have a place to go.

At the end of the day, all of the staff at HCBTS truly wants what is best for our clients. All of us feel incredibly blessed that we get to be apart of each and every one of our client’s beautiful journeys of recovery. This new program allows for us to develop and build strong and lasting relationships with our clients that don’t have to end when our clients leave our treatment program. With this new program, we will be able to help our clients accomplish whatever it is that they have always dreamed of achieving. With this program, we will be able to better track our client’s progress and success after treatment, and most importantly, we will get to be apart of our clients lives for ever which is a absolute blessing to all of us at HCBTS.