Leslie M. Cox

Clinical Director

Leslie M. Cox, Clinical Director at Hotel California by the Sea, is an EMDR practitioner and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Ms. Cox formerly worked for Orange County Health Care Agency in chemical dependency as well as Orange County Drug Court.  Ms. Cox then worked for 5 years at the Long Beach Veterans Administration Health Care System as part of their PACT, “Patient Aligned Care Team,” program.  She was an integral member of the team by making initial assessments of the Veteran’s Mental Health and then maximizing all resources available for them.  Ms. Cox is trained in EMDR, (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), and received additional training and certification in it. Leslie is currently an active and founding member of “BisKids”, or, “Believe in Sobriety Kids.” This non-profit self-funded organization educates and informs children about addiction using age-appropriate games and play. Being in recovery for the past 27 years, Leslie understands firsthand how the client feels, and what they’ve experienced. Leslie is passionate about helping others who are struggling with addiction find recovery, a gift Leslie is forever grateful to have received. Leslie brings her expertise, experience and passion for helping others every single day and we are extremely grateful to have her on our team at Hotel California By the Sea.