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Clinton Cooper

Teeka White
Staff Training & Development Coordinator Operations – RAS, CADC-CAS

Teeka has been working in the treatment field for over 6 years and has a passion for helping suffering addicts who want to change their lives. Teeka is passionate about helping them discover that a new life exists right around the corner; a new life that is happy, fulfilling, and full of wonder.

Teeka has held many different positions within the treatment field ranging from operations staff, to case management, to women’s transitional supervisor and now Teeka is in charge of developing the curriculum and trainings for the operations staff members at Hotel California By the Sea. Teeka’s role is to train and prepare our staff efficiently and thoroughly so that they are fully prepared and equipped with the necessary toolkit and knowledge to help our clients reach their full potential.

Teeka says it can be challenging to work with the clients. Thus, her passion lies in training the operations staff to be prepared when dealing with difficult clients. Our success as a whole is directly linked to the success of our staff learning how to work with our clients as well as learning how to work with one another. Teeka says, “we are in this industry to help those beaten down by their disease discover that life free from the bondage of active addiction is possible.