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Brian Burke

Vice President

Brian grew up in Seattle, WA. where he received a full scholarship as a baseball pitcher at Seattle University. During his time at the university, Brian earned a Bachelors of Arts in Humanities and in Business Administration/Management.

Brian brings 20+ years of experience in the development and operations of successful treatment facilities throughout the United States. Brian’s expertise in the field coupled with his personal recovery journey and his passion for helping alcoholics and addicts suffering from addiction, make him an extremely valuable and irreplaceable part of Hotel California by the Sea.

As Vice President, and ownership member, Brian is involved in all aspects of Hotel California by the Sea and truly enjoys every minute of it. Brian oversees the admissions and marketing departments and is responsible for guiding his marketing and admissions directors to be the best in the field. On a daily basis, Brian inspires and motivates his team by consistently reminding them of their purpose at HCBTS. Brian says we are here together to make the world a better place; we are here to save human lives and reunite families.

In addition to his role of overseeing the admissions/marketing departments, Brian also oversees our alumni department. Over the past 20+ years, Brian has been extremely successful in the development of various alumni programs. Brian developed HCBTS’ alumni program into one of the most successful programs in the country. Brian’s passion for keeping people plugged into their recovery correlates directly with Hotel California by the Sea’s mission, which is to assist our client’s in achieving success in their recovery and in their personal and professional lives.

To positively impact as many lives as possible and to increase the effectiveness and successful outcomes of treatment, Brian is always thinking one step ahead. Brian was and still is responsible for the creation and execution of many new treatment programs and treatment tracks within HCBTS. Brian played a key role in the development of our Young Adult Program, which utilizes Life Coaches, and a Career Resource Center. Brian is also responsible for the implementation of our adult night-time IOP professionals track and was the visionary behind our outpatient and transitional living services in Bellevue, WA.

As a licensed real estate agent in the State of California, Brian oversees real estate acquisitions for the entire company and is responsible for opening all of our properties.

Outside of work, Brian is active in the local recovery community and cherishes his time with friends and family. Brian enjoys playing tennis with his wife and young children and he loves to watch football, Go Seahawks!