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Outreach Team

Roman Sugden, Orange County Addiction Outreach

Roman Sugden

Captain, Orca Too & Recovery Mentor

Mary-Colleen Sauter

Mary-Colleen Underwood

Director of Marketing

Daniel “DC” Hollenbeck

Director of Admissions

Aaron Oliver, Executive Rehab

Jecel Maniscalco

Business Relations Manager

John Whitehouse

Director of Operations – HCBTS Cincinnati

Allie Wile

Admissions/Marketing Supervisor

 Cassidy Schneider

Admissions & Marketing Specialist

 Chase Castle

Admissions & Marketing Specialist

 Drew Russell

Admissions & Marketing Specialist

 Conor Goodmanson

Admissions & Marketing Specialist

Kolby Falco

Kolby Falco

Career Resource Center/Alumni Manager

Dane Brennan, Alumni Coordinator

Dane Brennan

Career Resource Center Specialist

Alex Rivett, Alumni Coordinator

Alex Rivett

Alumni Coordinator


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