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Katy Turner, Admissions & Marketing SpecialistKaty Turner

Admissions & Marketing Specialist

After years of “seeking” something she couldn’t pin point, it became clear to Katy that there was a common denominator to everything in her life good and bad, and that was that she was restless and unsettled, always on the search for something more, soulfully and spiritual empty and no amount of geographic cures, relationships, 6 years in the military, intensive training or even volunteer work was going to fill that void, as long as she was still drinking and using. 

The last year of her drinking was the darkest time in her life.  Two DUI’s, a suicide attempt, jail time, all the love from her amazing family in Cincinnati… could not get her sober.  She needed more time with the bottle.  In January of 2015, after running a long and tiring road with drugs and alcohol, she was handed the greatest gift of all, the gift of desperation.
Now being close to two years in sobriety, what she once saw as failures and weaknesses, she now views as her greatest strengths and assets.  Everything she once sought after she was immediately afforded when she stepped into the world of sobriety and the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous; hope, compassion, self-worth, a lasting solution, and a fellowship of people who loved her until she could love herself. She continues to stay sober by turning her will over to her Higher Power, staying active in the recovery community and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, sponsoring women, mentoring veterans with substance abuse and PTSD, and working as an Admissions and Marketing Specialist for Hotel California by the Sea.
“After waking up many days feeling sentenced to another day of life, I now have the opportunity to help people fall in love with their lives and see the light, by sharing my experience in the dark, the way someone once did for me… To show them that they are not alone and that although it may at times be a bumpy road, you do not have to live in pain and suffer any longer.”