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ColleenMary-Colleen Underwood

Director of Marketing

Mary-Colleen Underwood also known as “MC” joined our team at HCBTS in 2016. Prior to moving to Southern California, MC spent five years living in Denver, CO. where she received her Bachelors degree in communication and business administration with an emphasis in marketing from Regis University.

From a young age MC has had a strong passion for helping others. During her time at Regis University MC was very involved in the university’s community service program, chaired many charity events and spent a lot of time with the local homeless population. MC also tutored and mentored other students who struggled academically.

MC has over six years of marketing experience in the areas of field marketing, event marketing, e-marketing, television, social media and radio and print marketing. MC offers great leadership skills as well as interpersonal and organizations abilities. MC is extremely personable and has the ability to understand and get along with everybody. MC’s genuine curiosity for life and other people is what sets her apart from the rest; MC truly cares about other people and wants to help people be the very best versions of themselves.

MC and her husband, Jason, moved to Southern California in 2016. As soon as MC knew she was moving to Newport Beach, she knew she wanted to work for Hotel California By the Sea. MC lost her father to addiction in 2011  and since then has been passionate about helping others find recovery, a gift her father was never able to receive. Being in recovery herself, MC understands, first-hand, the struggles individuals and loved ones face when dealing with addiction.

On the weekends, MC spends time with her lovely husband, her friends and family and her fur-babies, Milly and Hudson. Today MC finds her purpose through helping others receive the gift of sobriety, a gift that MC is forever grateful for, a gift that has changed the course of MC’s life forever.