Chemical Dependency rehabTreatment Philosophy

We do what it takes to help our clients succeed with long-term recovery.

It was Carl and Kevin’s intention to develop and design a program to serve the needs of alcoholics and addicts that suffer from the disease of addiction. As young adults, and men and women seek treatment for addiction, they find that traditional chemical dependency rehab programs do not address their generational needs. We seek to provide treatment that allows our clients to maintain their dignity, a concept that has been lost in traditional treatment modalities. Our model is designed to create a treatment plan that works while still providing clinical care that is second to none. No matter the age or gender of the client, we have a program that will fit their needs, where they can get sober in a safe environment among peers who have similar life experiences.

Hotel California By The Sea provides quality treatment programs that are individually customized in order to find the exact plan that works for each person. Unlike other drug rehabilitation programs, where a rigid structure with daily routines and group meetings are mandated for success, we are purposely creating a different model. We know from experience that alcoholics and addicts do not fare well in a mandated environment. Having addiction does not mean that you are not capable of autonomy or making choices. By treating our clients with respect, we provide a framework that allows the client to be accountable without feeling micro-managed.

Offering all levels of care detoxification, residential, intensive outpatient, sober living, and aftercare, allows options for each person to enter treatment based on their specific need. Treating men and women in gender specific environments are our specialty. We also treat co-occurring disorders in all age groups as long as addiction is the primary diagnosis.

Our guiding principals and practices create a safe and home-like atmosphere where boundaries are in place to ensure a favorable treatment outcome. We believe that our programs mirror real life situations, meaning that we do not create a sterile bubble to shield our clients from anything that might be a trigger for substance abuse. Instead, our clients have exposure to the real world—outdoor recreation, casual social settings, and time with family or friends—all in appropriate amounts in order to let the process of learning how to stay sober happen while we give support to our clients in real-time. We are committed to implementing a successful plan that extends from our treatment community to living at home, and we believe that this process gives the best prospect for lasting recovery.