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Luxury you can afford.

Hotel California by the Sea is able to make our luxury addiction treatment accommodations affordable to most clients. Accessibility and affordability were important considerations when crafting our programs because we want our luxurious treatment program to be accessible to everyone who is serious about their recovery. At Hotel California by the Sea, we believe luxury rehab isn’t just for a small percentage of people. Thus, we can work with most clients and their insurance providers to make our concierge style treatment reasonable and cost effective. Our staff is comprised of caring and highly skilled advocates that help get a substantial portion, if not all, of your treatment covered by insurance.

Our luxury accommodations will encourage you to want to stay here and staying here helps you stay sober and staying sober saves your life. Give yourself the chance to regain your life, and call us today to see what we can get covered. The call is free; you can afford at least that much – and we can help you afford the rest.

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