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What Are Deaths of Despair, And Could COVID-19 Worsen Them?


Many experts predict that COVID-19 and its ancillary effects on American society could also trigger a surge of so-called “deaths of despair” in the United States. In other words, the amount of stress, fear, and uncertainty accompanying this global health crisis could spark a rise in the number of overdose-related deaths and suicides. To give you a breakdown of COVID-19’s role in the United States, the New York Times recently reported that almost five million Americans have become infected with [...]

What Are Deaths of Despair, And Could COVID-19 Worsen Them?2020-08-07T14:51:47-07:00

Why You Need To Reconsider Rehab


Are you someone who has been told by your loved ones or a medical professional that you should consider a rehabilitation facility? You keep saying you do not want to go - that you don’t need to go, you can stop whenever you want! However, in your heart of hearts, you know that your substance abuse is something over which you do not have control. Deciding to seek treatment seems to present a whole new set of problems that you [...]

Why You Need To Reconsider Rehab2020-08-07T14:50:31-07:00

My Family Gave Me An Intervention: Now What?


Alright, so you just went through an intervention process orchestrated by your close friends and family members. Chances are, it wasn’t easy for any of you. This intervention may have been a personal discussion between you and one loved one. Or, perhaps it involved a professional interventionist with many people. He or she may have orchestrated the meeting and kept everyone on track. Everyone likely communicated how much they care for you, love you, and only want what is best [...]

My Family Gave Me An Intervention: Now What?2020-08-03T12:43:50-07:00

Are You Self-Medicating With Drugs And Alcohol?


TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. What Self-Medication Means 3. Common Reasons for Self-Medicating 4. Am I Self-Medicating? 5. Treating Mental Illness and Substance Abuse One crucial part of substance use treatment at Hotel California by the Sea (HCBTS) is getting to the bottom of why a client abuses drugs and alcohol in the first place. For some people, this reason may be self-medication. Self-medication may result from underlying physical or [...]

Are You Self-Medicating With Drugs And Alcohol?2020-07-24T16:12:10-07:00

Is My Addiction Bad Enough? How to Know If You Need Rehab


If you are wondering whether you or a loved one may need rehab, you’ve come to the right place. Drug and alcohol addiction has become a pervasive struggle in recent years. In the past two decades, the proliferating death to drug overdose rate has more than tripled. With growing accessibility to prescription drugs and the rise of other synthetic narcotics or opioids in underground markets (specifically fentanyl) drug abuse is more dangerous now than ever. Although substance abuse dependencies [...]

Is My Addiction Bad Enough? How to Know If You Need Rehab2020-07-23T16:33:13-07:00

Overdoses Increasing During COVID-19 Pandemic: What Next?


During the midst of the COVID-19 global health crisis, many Americans are turning to alcohol and other drugs to pass the time and cope with stress. For example, alcohol sales in many states spiked since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many communities are even allowing restaurant owners to include booze in to-go orders. Crazy, right? Although this may be fun for some, it could definitely prove detrimental for others who have a predisposition to developing an addiction, whether that’s [...]

Overdoses Increasing During COVID-19 Pandemic: What Next?2020-07-23T16:33:32-07:00

Beware: These Things Might Happen When You First Get Sober


When you first get sober, a lot will change in your life. It just comes with the territory. As they say, “nothing changes if nothing changes”! Going to rehab or getting clean through AA will force you to perceive life in new ways. You’ll probably practice employing new coping methods, reevaluate your deepest desires and fears, and rethink your daily choices. However, be aware that certain changes that occur when you first get clean and sober could be highly challenging. Either [...]

Beware: These Things Might Happen When You First Get Sober2020-07-23T16:33:53-07:00

9 Things That Could Happen When You Go To Rehab


It's hard to know exactly what you're getting yourself into when you decide to go to rehab. If you're wondering what rehab is like, there isn't a simple answer to satisfy your curiosity. However, through years of working with clients and treating people struggling with drug or alcohol use disorders, Hotel California by the Sea has witnessed lots of remarkable changes happen in our clients' lives. So, we might be able to help you understand more of the life changes [...]

9 Things That Could Happen When You Go To Rehab2020-07-23T16:34:20-07:00

7 Reasons Orange County Is The Ultimate Sober Mecca


Orange County has quickly grown into a sober mecca for individuals struggling with substance use disorders. This is thanks to the extensive sober communities, abundance of addiction treatment centers, and widespread programs that have people from every walk of life to share their story. Home to nine national parks, vibrant cities, and a breathtaking coastline, California is a dream destination for many reasons. Located just south of Los Angeles, Orange County is one of the most well-known and prominent vacation counties [...]

7 Reasons Orange County Is The Ultimate Sober Mecca2020-07-23T16:35:35-07:00

Are You Afraid To Go To Rehab? Read This


Alright, so maybe your drinking has gotten “out of hand,” and your family members are recommending you go to a treatment center, but you don’t know what to expect. Or perhaps it’s your third time trying to get clean, but you can’t seem to beat your addiction and stay sober for longer than one month. The journey to recovery looks like an impossible feat to you. There are plenty of reasons to be afraid of going to an addiction rehabilitation [...]

Are You Afraid To Go To Rehab? Read This2020-07-23T16:35:40-07:00