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What Are Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms?

One of the most difficult parts about trying to get sober from an addiction to opiates is the symptoms of withdrawal. There are many reasons why people should never try to detox alone, but the primary one is that it puts this individual at a very high risk of relapse. Often, the symptoms of withdrawal […]

Synthetic Pot & High-Risk Activities

More and more young people are beginning to use synthetic cannabinoids, but many young people don’t know the consequences. These types of substances are created from a variety of different chemicals, and it induces similar effects to THC. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that this synthetic drug can cause mood […]

Preparing Mentally for Rehabilitation

One of the most difficult decisions anyone must make is the one to ask for help and go to an addiction treatment program. What makes this so difficult is that the disease of addiction doesn’t want you to get well. Addiction affects a part of your brain that’s responsible for survival, so it’s difficult to have […]

Getting Sober As An Older Adult: How is Recovery Different?

As an older adult who has realized that drug or alcohol use has become a problem, recovery is still possible, but it’s different. The challenges you’ll face in recovery are going to be much different than someone who is young and struggling with an addiction. The first thing to realize is that the only one […]

Building Life-Skills in Treatment

No matter what age you started having a problem with drugs or alcohol, it’s important to learn different life skills while you’re in treatment. These types of skills can vary from person to person, but addiction tends to make people forget about basic parts of living day-to-day life. There are some who started abusing substances […]

Do Eating Habits Affect Recovery?

Many people don’t think about how their eating habits can affect their recovery. While there are many ways that a person’s eating habits can have positive effects on his or her recovery, there is also the other side of the coin. There are those who pick up poor eating habits in their recovery, which can […]

5 Tips for a Surgery or Injury in Sobriety


When we enter recovery, life still happens. We, of course, prefer to be able to live each day, one day at a time without having to encounter alcohol or drugs, but there are times where we might be faced with a surgery, an injury, or a medical procedure where narcotic pain medication might be offered. […]

Can Science Predict Drug Addiction?

Although people have been having problems with drug and alcohol abuse for as long as they have been available, the science of addiction is fairly new. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that scientists really started allocating money and resources towards learning about addiction. Luckily, many different discoveries have helped us understand more about addiction, […]

The Power of Choice in Addiction Recovery

Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions about the disease of addiction. Medical science has been making progress, but the topic of addiction isn’t always in the mainstream. Those who struggle with addiction, as well as their loved ones, often don’t discuss addiction. This makes it more difficult for people to understand how addiction works. Many […]

Should I Attend Rehab Away from Home?


There’s a lot of information to take in when trying to figure out which drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility to attend. There are different types of care offered including: detox, residential, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and sober living. Not only that, but you may be wondering if you should stay near home when you go […]