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7 Reasons Orange County Is The Ultimate Sober Mecca


Orange County has quickly grown into a sober mecca for individuals struggling with substance use disorders. This is thanks to the extensive sober communities, abundance of addiction treatment centers, and widespread programs that have people from every walk of life to share their story. Home to nine national parks, vibrant cities, and a breathtaking coastline, California is a dream destination for many reasons. Located just south of Los Angeles, Orange County is one of the most well-known and prominent vacation counties [...]

7 Reasons Orange County Is The Ultimate Sober Mecca2020-07-09T13:20:56-07:00

Are You Afraid To Go To Rehab? Read This


Alright, so maybe your drinking has gotten “out of hand,” and your family members are recommending you go to a treatment center, but you don’t know what to expect. Or perhaps it’s your third time trying to get clean, but you can’t seem to beat your addiction and stay sober for longer than one month. The journey to recovery looks like an impossible feat to you. There are plenty of reasons to be afraid of going to an addiction rehabilitation [...]

Are You Afraid To Go To Rehab? Read This2020-07-03T14:24:23-07:00

HCBTS: Nine Questions to Ask When Choosing A Drug Rehab Center


Choosing a drug rehabilitation facility can be a tricky beast. It’s never wholly possible to know what to expect from your stay at a drug addiction treatment facility. However, by asking your admissions specialist specific questions, you will be able to make an educated decision on where to get help for your substance use disorder. Many drug rehab centers differ in specializations, and some are better suited for specific clients than others. For example, someone that has a co-occurring mental [...]

HCBTS: Nine Questions to Ask When Choosing A Drug Rehab Center2020-07-01T13:17:36-07:00

Looking For A Drug Rehab Center? Beware Of These 3 Red Flags


Looking to go to drug addiction treatment for a substance use disorder is a courageous choice. But many people don’t realize that not all rehab facilities are the same. Although most addiction and mental illness treatment centers have pure intentions, others may have ulterior motives. There are certain red flags to watch out for when searching for alcohol and drug treatment, like unclear financial information, lack of state licensure or third-party certifications, unrealistic promises, and more. We aren’t here [...]

Looking For A Drug Rehab Center? Beware Of These 3 Red Flags2020-06-29T15:51:36-07:00

4 Steps To Choose The Right Drug Rehab Program For You


Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are a significant issue in the United States and worldwide. Many addiction experts consider the opioid crisis in our country an epidemic. And that makes sense, considering there were over 45,000 opioid-related overdose deaths in 2018, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Seeking treatment for substance use disorders is a brave pursuit. So if you’re considering looking for fitting treatment facilities, congratulations! This is the first step to getting help for [...]

4 Steps To Choose The Right Drug Rehab Program For You2020-06-26T16:55:03-07:00

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Our Mental Health


Without realizing it, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on many peoples’ state of mind. We may be finding ourselves in fear and isolation. Many of us, or our friends and family members, are experiencing increased stress and anxiety levels. Some of us may even be suffering from grief and loss. No matter what, it hasn’t been especially easy. The first reported COVID-19 case in China was traced to November of 2019. At first, many people didn’t pay much attention to this [...]

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Our Mental Health2020-06-19T16:34:45-07:00

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment For Substance Use Disorders


7.7 million people in the United States suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder alongside a substance use disorder, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Substance use disorders can make recovery from alcoholism and drug addictions more difficult, and subject addicts to a greater risk of relapse. Unfortunately, only 9.1% of these people receive treatment for their addiction and mental health issues simultaneously. For the other 90% of addicts, treating one illness at a time puts them at [...]

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment For Substance Use Disorders2020-06-17T15:37:21-07:00

5 (Shocking) Things That Can Happen When You First Get Sober


There are certain things to expect within the first thirty days of being sober. Of course, you’ll probably experience physical withdrawal symptoms. You’ll also likely have some typical cravings. But what about all the other stuff? What about the stuff that no one warns you about? As it turns out, more than what you might expect happens when you first stop drinking or using drugs. Some of these things are great, while other things? Not so much. Either way, recovery [...]

5 (Shocking) Things That Can Happen When You First Get Sober2020-06-12T15:35:30-07:00

4 Common Triggers For Relapsing On Drugs And Alcohol


For anyone in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, relapse is a dangerous possibility. There are specific triggers that can contribute to someone relapsing into their substance use disorder. Addiction is insidious and sometimes subtle in its tactics. Of course, there are hundreds - even thousands - of triggers that could convince someone to use drugs or alcohol again. Most often, relapse isn’t a sudden decision, but a long and drawn-out process that can be prevented with early intervention. If [...]

4 Common Triggers For Relapsing On Drugs And Alcohol2020-06-10T15:26:44-07:00

Alcoholic vs Problem Drinker: What’s the Difference?


In past decades, expert’s views on alcoholism remained relatively consistent. Either you’re an alcoholic, or you aren’t, right? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that simple. As it turns out, varying views exist on alcoholism. Most recently, experts have started to regard “alcoholism” as a colloquial and all-encompassing term for a group of alcohol-related mental illnesses. These varying alcohol-related conditions exist under the umbrella condition of Alcohol Use Disorder. Just because you are a problem drinker, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an [...]

Alcoholic vs Problem Drinker: What’s the Difference?2020-06-10T11:55:14-07:00