Family Addiction Program at Hotel California by the Sea

According to the National Institutes of Health, the family system should be included in the efforts necessary for successful ongoing treatment of an individual with a substance use disorder if deemed therapeutically appropriate. HCBTS offers a monthly program for the families of drug addicts and alcoholics to participate in while their loved one continues treatment in the inpatient or outpatient rehab setting.

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HCBTS’ Family Program is separate from the 1on1 therapy and counseling provided to individuals while at the inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities. The Family Program was designed by licensed mental health professionals to address the entire family unit, and how it’s been impacted by a person’s disease and battle with substance use disorder.

The Effects of Addiction on Families of Drug Addicts

HCBTS’ program for families of drug addicts aims to provide support and guidance to families as they navigate big emotions, and their loved one’s newfound recovery. When an individual in a family unit experiences a behavioral change as a result of a substance use disorder, this change will affect the entire family.

Substance use disorders have a propensity to cause impairment of emotional and physical intimacy, poor communication, increased conflict, difficulty forming healthy relationships with peers, isolation and depression. These negative impacts are in many cases experienced by members of the entire family unit, not just the individual suffering with the disease.  Our program for families of drug addicts and alcoholics receiving treatment at the inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities aims to address important components necessary for family healing. These components of healing include establishing healthy boundaries within the family, encouragement of the individual’s recovery, introduction to programs such as Al-Anon, and developing healthy coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, grief and loss.

Strained Relationships From Addiction

HCBTS’s Family Program encourages clients and their families to talk about the effect that addiction has had on themselves and the family system. Encouraging individuals to be open about their feelings as they relate to the negative impact substance abuse has had on the family dynamic, can help break the silence that often perpetuates the cycle of addiction.

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Financial Burdens of Addiction

While clients at HCBTS’ outpatient rehab have an opportunity to examine their financial habits and practice budgeting as they re-enter the workforce, families are often left wondering how to discuss the subject of finances with their recovering loved one.  Emotions can run high when it comes to finances, after all financial stability is associated with feelings of safety. When this stability has been threatened by a substance use disorder, support and guidance on how to broach these subjects can be extremely beneficial.

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How Does Family Programming Work?

Hotel California by the Sea’s Family Program, for families of drug addicts and alcoholics, is dedicated to supporting the family through the process of their loved one’s early recovery. The benefits of inpatient and outpatient rehab for an individual have proven to increase a person’s chances of maintaining recovery. Our program for families of drug addicts and alcoholics in our facilities benefits both the individual receiving treatment, and their family. Further increasing the chances of their success.

Those who choose to participate in our voluntary Family Program will attend group therapy and seminars facilitated by licensed mental health professionals and certified addiction counselors. These sessions focus on educating individuals on substance use disorders and how the family unit is affected. Professionals aim to increase awareness of the cognitive and behavioral patterns that contribute to substance use disorder, and how to become the best support for loved ones while maintaining healthy boundaries for themselves.

Client’s attending HCBTS’ inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities regularly meet with their addiction counselors and licensed therapists. Throughout the treatment process, family involvement is encouraged, and regularly scheduled family calls take place regardless of attendance at the monthly Family Program.

Family Addiction Program vs. Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a collaboration between an individual and their assigned therapist where the client examines emotions and behaviors through psychodynamic therapies. Clients can focus on changing problematic thoughts and behaviors with the support of a licensed clinician, trained in guiding them through their formulated treatment plan.

HCBTS’ program for families of drug addicts and alcoholics was created using the Family Therapy model. Family Therapy is a type of psychotherapy designed to identify family patterns that contribute behavioral disorders and mental illness. The Family Program at HCBTS puts an emphasis on substance use disorder and promotes discussion and problem-solving sessions with the family. Here, relationships and behaviors can be examined while strengthening communication within the family.

Family Program 2020 & 2021

The Family Program at Hotel California by the Sea is held on the first Friday of every month.

Our licensed therapists and certified counselors facilitate the program and provide sessions for the family and friends of clients actively working towards a life in recovery.

There is no limit on how many times a family attends the monthly program. More information regarding HCBTS’ Family Program is readily available upon request

Family Programming at Hotel California by the Sea

Families and support networks of clients at HCBTS’s inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities are encouraged to attend the Family Program not only to support their loved one, but for their own healing. Substance use disorder has a ripple effect, and we aim to provide the often-necessary help to families needing to recover in their own way.

By focusing on family dynamics, boundaries and healthy communication with the families present, our team of mental health professionals can assist both clients and families in working towards lessening stressful conflict and maintaining recovery.

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