Using Health Net health insurance for Drug Rehab coverage 

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If you are covered by Health Net Insurance, you may qualify for full or partial coverage of your addiction rehab treatment. Though the costs of treatment can seem daunting, mental health coverage through Health Net can help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction safely without breaking the bank. 

Health Net is a comprehensive insurance provider that offers healthcare benefits to over 5 million people. Their policies are aimed at providing affordable healthcare for individuals and families as well as businesses. They provide healthcare plans for members of Medicare and Medi-Cal as well. 

If you have an insurance plan through the Health Net network and are suffering from a substance use disorder, you may be eligible for full or partial coverage of your addiction treatment at Hotel California by the Sea. Reach out to our admissions specialist to learn more about Health Net and how you may receive addiction treatment at little to no cost through your current insurance carrier.  

Through Health Net, you should be able to get substance abuse treatment and 

behavioral healthcare within 48 hours.

Start now. 

The Health Net Metal System 

Health Net employs a “metal system” within their health coverage policies with each of these “metals” representing different levels of coverage offered by Health Net. This system ranges from Platinum, a top level of coverage plan; to Basic, the lowest level coverage plan. These numbers are based on an average calculated cost of each plan and include deductibles and copayments, as well as monthly premiums and out-of-pocket coverage. 

Platinum Coverage – 90% 

  • a. Top-level of coverage provided 
  • b. 90% covered, 10% cost 
  • c. Higher premiums 
  • d. Less out-of-pocket costs 

Gold Coverage  

  • a. Second-tier metal 
  • b. 80% covered, 20% cost 
  • c. Reduced premiums compared to Platinum 

Silver Coverage

  • a. Middle tier
  • b. Average 70% covered, 30% cost
  • c. More out-of-pocket costs than the first two

Bronze Coverage  

  • a. Low tier 
  • b. 60% covered, 40% cost  
  • c. Higher deductibles 
  • d. Lower premiums 

Basic Coverage 

  • a. Lowest tier 
  • b. Covers less than 60% of expenses 
  • c. Frequently considered for “catastrophic” coverage.

Catastrophic care refers to minimum coverage plans. On average, these plans cover less than 60% of a client’s medical expenses. This tier in the system is only available to individuals under 30 and clients who have a hardship exemption. 

Finding the best care under Health Net

Finding comprehensive care and an effective treatment program is vital for an individual struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. It can be overwhelming for a person to navigate this landscape to find the best treatment program that accepts their insurance. 

But the process of finding addiction treatment should not be overwhelming. Instead, it ought to be an exciting first step towards freedom from substance abuse issues. Hotel California by the Sea’s various rehabilitation centers across the United States are dedicated to making addiction recovery as accessible as possible. We help guide clients through the process of finding cost-effective treatment regardless of enrollment in one of our programs.

The best thing to do first is start with thorough research.  

Research Addiction Treatment Providers 

Find a treatment center that offers customized recovery programs that are tailored to each client. Recovery is complicated and often spans across complicated social and internal systems. A one-size-fits-all approach is not effective in recovery. It is essential to find a center that offers custom programs that incorporate a holistic approach and evidenced-based treatment options. 
Once you find one or two treatment centers that meet your criteria, it is crucial to establish whether the program offered will be cost-effective. One of the best ways to do this is to reach out to a Health Net representative to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the coverage offered. 

Contact your Health Insurance 

Speak directly to a representative from your insurance carrier to better understand what will be covered and what you are expected to pay out-of-pocket. You can access Health Net’s direct representative line located on the back of your insurance card.  
It is essential to ask about out-of-pocket expenses as well as coverage for inpatient vs. outpatient rehab.

Contact the Treatment Center you are interested in attending

You can also choose to contact your treatment center at any point in the process. There are trained specialists at most treatment centers who are willing to directly reach out to your insurance provider. Representatives at treatment programs can help you better understand your policy and the coverage that you qualify for. At Hotel California by the Sea, we will happily reach out to your insurance provider to get you all the details of possible addiction rehab coverage. 

Hotel California by the Sea has intentional and competent team members waiting to assist you in any questions you may have regarding insurance coverage and rehabilitation. Our line is open 24/7 and is always offered 100% free and 100% confidential. 

What does Health Net cover? 

Health Net emphasizes wellness and preventative care in the policies they offer. Because of this specialty, they have developed a comprehensive coverage plan for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This coverage varies from state-to-state and policy-to-policy, which includes out-of-pocket costs and deductibles to the extent of care covered over time. 

Health Net Detoxification coverage 

Detox is the method of purposefully riding withholding substances from an individual who has become physically dependent on them. This process can be extremely uncomfortable and should be executed under the care of a professional health care provider. 

Health Net does cover detox in a variety of policy options. Because these policies can vary, reaching out to either an insurance representative or specific treatment center can be extremely beneficial for someone considering drug or alcohol abuse treatment.  

Health Net plans do generally cover this step in the process as long as the policy has behavioral health benefits. 

Health Net Inpatient Rehab coverage 

Inpatient rehab programs consists of medication assisted treatments and behavioral therapies for patients in a residential home. These patients become residents of the rehab facility and have the benefits of around the clock care from medical physicians, psychiatrists and other rehab clinicians. 

Most of Health Net’s personal policies as well as group policies cover inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These policies generally charge copays for the coverage extended to inpatient treatment. Policies may also require coinsurance payments. 

Health Net Outpatient treatment coverage 

Outpatient rehabilitation is a less intense form of addiction treatment program that best suits clients who have stepped down from inpatient residential treatment or for those with milder addiction issues. Outpatient programs include partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP).

Health Net offers coverage for outpatient addiction recovery programs. The breakdown of cost generally follows the metal system outlined above. Not all outpatient office visits will be subject to copays and coinsurance, making treatment even more affordable.

All services will require preauthorization. This means that your primary care physician must refer you to a service before your insurance is willing to pay for it. 

Treatment for Substance Addiction at Hotel California by the Sea 

At Hotel California by the Sea, we partner with Health Net to expand our network of insurance providers and make substance addiction treatment as accessible as possible.  

Our commitment to our clients is to find the most cost-effective and comprehensive treatment plan that will cater to each client’s individual needs. 

Our certified and experienced team is waiting by to help you navigate your recovery process. All calls are 100% free and 100% confidential. 

We look forward to hearing from you and starting this process of long-term recovery together! 

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