Addiction Treatment Program for Men

You Are Not Alone

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug and/or alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorder, we understand the darkness and loneliness you are feeling and are here to tell you that there is a solution and we can help you.

A New Way of Life: Living in the Solution

Millions of Americans have begun a new life by seeking professional help to overcome their drug and alcohol addictions and co-occurring disorders. Located in Orange County California, Hotel California by the Sea has become the nation’s leading drug rehab program for men. For over three decades, we have been helping men overcome their addictions and better their personal and professional lives.

We Understand and We Can Help

For an addiction rehab program to be effective, we believe that it is paramount that the treating clinicians fully understand the individual seeking help. Adult men who are struggling with addiction respond well to a level of service commensurate with their stage in life. At Hotel California by the Sea, we call this treatment with dignity. Our renowned men’s drug addiction treatment program in Newport Beach California combines the nation’s top addiction treatment professionals in Orange County with the largest recovery communities in the U.S. From the moment the man arrives to undergo his initial assessment, it is our guarantee that he will be treated with the respect that he deserves and receive the very best addiction treatment care available.

Many of the men who come into our men’s drug rehab program have accomplished a great deal of success in their careers and family lives, and they often have a great deal of financial responsibility. We understand that it is impossible for some of our clients to unplug completely while they are in treatment which is why in our men’s drug rehab program, we encourage our clients to dedicate time to their professional obligations. We allow phone and laptop access outside of programming hours and work with our clients to accommodate their personal and professional obligations while in treatment.

Who We Treat

Hotel California by the Sea’s men’s drug rehab program is for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our typical client is someone who is undergoing an untenable amount of stress in their professional lives. To achieve lasting change, our clinical team will address one’s underlying issues that may be present and contributing to one’s drug and alcohol addiction, including professional burnout, depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. Our men’s drug rehab program has been specifically designed to target and treat executive burnout in tandem with one’s addiction.

The Process

After contacting our admissions team to ask any questions, our clinical team will perform a comprehensive assessment. From there, we will create a customized treatment program that takes into account everything we have learned about our client’s situation including information about his family, any past treatment, and any substance abuse history.

If the client’s level of addiction requires drug or alcohol detoxification, he will start his treatment process at our men’s detox facility in Orange County California. During the detox process, our client will be closely monitored by 24-7 medical professionals to ensure safety and comfort. Once our client is stabilized, detoxed and medically cleared, he will move to our residential men’s drug rehab residential home, which is steps from the sand in Newport Beach California. At this point, our client’s personalized daily treatment regimen will be implemented and he will begin his recovery journey.

A Variety of Therapeutic Processes

At Hotel California by the Sea’s Orange County men’s drug and alcohol rehab, we integrate a variety of therapeutic modalities into each man’s addiction treatment regimen based on our ongoing assessment of his progress. Therapeutic techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) allow our clinicians to address underlying issues that are contributing to one’s addictive behaviors. While in our Southern California executive men’s rehab program, our clients will participate in therapy sessions (individual and group) such as Trauma Therapy (EMDR), music therapy, and art therapy. Part of our client’s treatment program includes weekly process groups such as “Relapse Prevention,” “Mindfulness,” and “Psychodrama.” Though our clients most frequently meet with their individual case manager and therapist, our clients will also get to know their group facilitators and will have on-going access to our consulting psychiatrist and our medical doctor. 12-step meetings are highly recommended for all of the clients in our men’s drug rehab program. We facilitate uplifting experiential exercises such as team building activities, boat rides around Newport Beach Harbor and sailing excursions. Because our men’s drug rehab program is steps from the beach in Newport Beach California, our clients are able to take full advantage of the sunny beach and all the activities Southern California has to offer.

The Entire Continuum of Care

Most of our executive male clients come into our drug and alcohol rehab as a last resort once their lives have become unmanageable with a dire need for structure and help. We believe that alcoholics and addicts do exceptionally well in structured environments which is reflected in our men’s executive drug rehab program.

In Hotel California by the Sea’s Southern California addiction treatment program, we offer all levels of care which allows our clients to take their recovery process step-by-step and in their own timing. Offering the full continuum of care allows HCBTS to work side-by-side with our clients from the second they arrive at HCBTS until after they’ve left our men’s drug and alcohol rehab program.

At Hotel California by the Sea, we understand that many of our male clients have careers to get back to and families to provide for. We encourage and provide options for our clients so that they can gradually integrate themselves back into their everyday lives while still getting the structure and support they received while in treatment. If at any time our client struggles and relapses, our clinicians will be there to help him get back on track in his recovery.

Some of our most commonly utilized after-care services include: Intensive outpatient, regular outpatient, step-down sober living housing placement, counseling and monitoring services. Additionally, our Career Resource Program provides everything from job placement assistance, 12-step meeting lists, resume building workshops, computer access, financial responsibility workshops, monthly outgoings in Orange County California and so much more.

Getting Started

Our admissions counselors are available to answer your questions about our Southern California men’s drug and alcohol addiction rehab for you or your loved one. Please call us today to take your first step on your path of recovery. With over thirty years of experience helping people just like you fight and overcome the battle of addiction, we are confident we can help you too. You are not alone anymore. Call us today.

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