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Our Mission

At Hotel California By the Sea, we are committed to treating men, women and young adults with the dignity, compassion, and respect they deserve while in treatment. We understand that each of our client’s treatment needs and underlying issues vary which is why we do not believe in taking a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. At HCBTS, we individualize each of our clients treatment plans to meet their individual needs and to set them up for success in their recovery.

At HCBTS, it is our ultimate goal to bring healing and hope to each of our clients. We do this by treating our client’s drug and alcohol addiction in tandem with their underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, and/or low self-esteem. We’ve seen a strong correlation between one’s underlying issues and one’s drug and alcohol addiction. It is often one’s underlying issue(s) that lead them to seek relief in  drugs and alcohol in the first place.

On a daily basis, the primary purpose of all of our staff at HCBTS is to equip our clients with the knowledge, life skills, spiritual tool kit and emotional support necessary for them achieve long-term recovery as well as success in their personal and professional lives. At Hotel California By the Sea, our purpose is to teach, prepare and empower our clients to walk across the bridge back to life with dignity, grace and most importantly, with a purpose. At HCBTS, we will do whatever it takes to help our clients cross this bridge successfully.

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