Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center In St. Louis, Missouri

We give men, women, and young adults with the tools to reclaim their lives and achieve long-lasting freedom from the disease of addiction.

Addiction can leave you feeling alone and unsure of how to put an end to the relentless cycle of substance abuse. Professional drug addiction treatment and rehab for substance and chemical dependency can help. Through vigorous outpatient drug addiction treatment programs, Hotel California by the Sea, St. Louis, provides our clients with the support, education, expertise, and compassion needed to overcome their substance use disorder and stay sober.

Life At Hotel California By The Sea

Hotel California by the Sea, St. Louis is a fully-accredited drug addiction treatment center offering multiple forms of outpatient addiction rehab programs in eastern Missouri. At Hotel California by the Sea, St. Louis, we treat men, women, and young adults for substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental illnesses. Our rehab programs accepts plans from most insurance companies, including Aetna, Anthem, Humana, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, TRICARE, and more.

At Hotel California by the Sea, St. Louis, our priority is your recovery. Located east of Kansas City, Hotel California by the Sea offers multiple therapies and drug addiction treatment rehab options to those suffering from substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental health conditions.

We build individualized treatment plans for our clients suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. Hotel California by the Sea treats those who have used a wide array of mind-altering substances, from alcohol, to opioids, to stimulants, and more. We have created multiple specialized drug addiction treatment rehab tracks to fit our patients’ various needs, such as our trauma treatment track or our specialized program for co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our drug rehab center offers the following services for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction:

  • Individual rehab therapy
  • Group rehab therapy
  • Career counseling
  • Family counseling
  • A monthly family educational program
  • Transitional living (sober living) homes
  • Nearby 12-step meetings and other activities in St. Louis

How to Get Substance Abuse Treatment

Connect With Your Admissions Specialist

Call our free and confidential admissions helpline to speak with a caring admissions specialist and discover your rehab insurance coverage details. We can provide you with information regarding our drug addiction treatment options and guide you through the ins-and-outs of entering rehab. Once you speak to an admissions specialist, you will be able to quickly and easily verify your insurance and enter treatment.

Verify Your Insurance

Verifying your behavioral health insurance coverage over the phone with an admissions specialist will show you your particular plan’s drug addiction treatment benefits. Hotel California by the Sea in St. Louis, Missouri, accepts most insurance plans. You can also verify your insurance quickly using our 60 second insurance verification form.

Discuss And Choose Your Treatment Options

Once you’ve spoken with your admissions specialist and had a thorough conversation about your various drug addiction treatment options and financial plan at Hotel California by the Sea it’s time to discuss the program that is right for you. Once you decide upon drug addiction treatment, your admissions specialist will help you set up your detailed admissions plan and enter treatment quickly and safely.

Request a Call

The road to recovery is full of uncertainty, leave your worries behind…
Our compassionate staff will answer all of your questions without any pressure. Learn about our evidence-based drug addiction treatment and rehab, the ease of entering our program, and the benefits of getting help from a reputable addiction treatment facility like Hotel California by the Sea.

Every member of our admissions team has been where you are today – be sure to ask them about their journey!

    Our Facilities

    Our drug addiction treatment and rehab center is located in Newport Beach, California, and other parts of Orange County. Our homes were designed with our clients in mind, boasting modern appliances and comfortable common rooms. Other Hotel California by the Sea locations include Bellevue, Washington, Cincinnati, Ohio, and St. Louis, Missouri.

    Drug addiction treatment is special in Southern California. Whether it is the sunshine or close-by ocean, Hotel California by the Sea is a unique haven for healing and recovery. HCBTS’ building locations are unparalleled. We’re close to multiple 12-step meetings and other related support groups, several job opportunities, and beautiful Orange County beaches. Everything needed to recover from a substance use disorder is within walking distance of Hotel California by the Sea’s immaculate drug addiction treatment and rehab facilities.

    Does Your Insurance Cover Drug Addiction Treatment?