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Not all treatment facilities are alike. They may seem the same before you enter addiction treatment, or even while looking at your treatment options on the internet. But stop and take a closer look at a unique rehab center in St Louis, Missouri called Hotel California by the Sea to find out how we design the most unique programs to accommodate our clients.  Part of a nationwide network of addiction treatment facilities, Hotel California by the Sea, St. Louis gives its clients individualized care in a beautiful, supportive setting. 

Addiction Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Programming

Hotel California by the Sea St Louis is an addiction treatment facility that offers its clients a very robust partial hospitalization program (PHP program). Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an outpatient program designed to treat substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental health conditions.  It differs from our other outpatient addiction treatment programs because it is a much more intensive and focused treatment program. In fact, it is the most intensive level of care that we offer at our St. Louis location. 

Similar to some other inpatient treatment programs across the country, and meeting the criteria for a partial hospitalization program according to SAMSHA’s criteria, participating in a partial hospitalization means that you go home at night and attend your addiction treatment program during the day. At HCBTS, St. Louis is offered the same programming, therapies, and treatments as you are in higher-level inpatient treatment but you do not stay overnight. Thus, HCBTS, St. Louis allows for more flexibility and addiction treatment customization. 

Partial Hospitalization Key Details

  • Programming is 20+ hours a week. 
  • Usually delivered during the day. 
  • Clients reside at home or in sober living while attending treatment. 

Substance use disorders are mental health disorders, and people suffering from addiction often have other mental health disorders, too. These are called co-occurring disorders.  Our partial hospitalization programming helps clients with substance use disorders, as well as those who are also dealing with co-occurring disorders, recover from their mental illnesses simultaneously and in a highly supportive environment.   

Hotel California by the Sea in St. Louis, Missouri, uses our partial hospitalization program in tandem with many of our other outpatient addiction treatment services. Found to be extremely clinically effective for our clients, our partial hospitalization program provides superior recovery-based care to adult men, adult women, and young adults with drug or alcohol substance use disorders.   

Our Missouri-based facility, located in St Louis, offers clients a PHP program that allows them to stay immersed in and motivated with their personal addiction recovery progress. Hotel California by the Sea in St. Louis facilitates its clients in their work with understanding their addiction, avoiding triggers, building health coping skills, working on relationships, and creating a plan for a clean and sober life. 

Intensive Outpatient Programming for Substance Abuse

Another option Hotel California by the Sea offers its clients for substance abuse addiction treatment is our intensive outpatient program, or IOP.  This level of care works extremely well for our clients with substance use disorders, but differs from PHP in the way that it is only around 9 or more hours per week and may be offered during the day or in the evening. If you do not require medical detoxification or withdrawal management, one of our IOP program tracks might be the right addiction treatment for you.   

Intensive Outpatient Program Key Details 

  • Programming is 9+ hours a week. 
  • Delivered during the day or in the evening. 
  • Clients reside at home or in sober living while attending treatment

Hotel California by the Sea, in St Louis, Missouri, offers its intensive outpatient programs to clients to help them with psychosocial support and with relapse prevention, as well as with the development of healthy coping skills.  Some of the therapeutic modalities we offer in our intensive outpatient setting are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

Hotel California by the Sea provides addiction treatment in several types of settings.  There are group therapy options, as well as individual psychotherapy.  Hotel California by the Sea St Louis also gives clients the opportunity to find the right twelve-step program. 

Hotel California by the Sea St Louis also offers more non-traditional treatments.  Experiential therapy, mindfulness meditation, and recovery coaching are a few choices we provide our clients.  

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment at Hotel California by the Sea encompasses many therapies, settings, and programs.  We are ready to help you create the plan that will best fit your needs and your particular and individual situation. Whether you are facing alcohol or drug addiction, we are here to work with you in planning a long-term recovery course that will offer you the most success.   

Addiction Treatment Aftercare Planning

Aftercare planning is another way that Hotel California by the Sea in St. Louis stands apart from the other treatment facilities.  We developed this program to assist clients in continuing to remain alcohol and drug free, and it has proven highly effective for thousands of clients throughout Hotel California by the Sea’s existence. 

Clients who have received recovery treatment from Hotel California by the Sea at our St. Louis, Missouri, facility, have the ability to receive continuing care for their addiction recovery. Aftercare planning interventions have been proven to create an even more positive and successful recovery outcome for those trying to maintain a clean and sober life. 

Hotel California’s aftercare planning program gives clients the tools they need to continue on a successful recovery road once they leave our treatment facility. Our relapse prevention program includes many opportunities for clients to plan for their future and create goals for a continued recovery. 

Hotel California offers its clients the ability to attend ongoing therapy sessions, to continue participation in a sober community, continuation in support groups, as well as family therapy, vocational rehabilitation, legal and educational assistance, and relapse prevention programming. 

Transitional Living

Many people who are recovering from addiction are not suited to live at home, or in whatever living environment they were at before they began treatment at HCBTS.  They may need to stay close to the therapies and programs offered in our treatment facility, and away from any environmental triggers that could have contributed to their addiction. Others may not be ready to be thrown back into the environment that may have exacerbated their inability to abstain from substance abuse. 

For these clients, Hotel California by the Sea offers a great opportunity: transitional living.  Also called sober living housing or transitional housing, transitional living offers a substance-free living environment, required compliance with house rules, as well as shuttle service to our treatment facility, as well as transportation to twelve-step programs and other destinations. 

Transitional living homes, also sometimes referred to as sober livings, are the perfect place for clients to find a highly supportive environment full of connection and accountability. Transitional living homes are only offered to patients in our outpatient treatment program, thus creating a tight-knit atmosphere of recovering addicts and alcoholics on the path towards a life of freedom from drug and alcohol abuse.  

Located close to our treatment facility, our gender-separated transitional housing units are a great way for clients to begin creating a solid and grounded life while still working on their recovery.  Transitional living gives clients a more structured, safe, and secure environment, surrounded by like-minded housemates. 

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