St. Louis, Missouri Family Addiction Program 

At HCBTS, we understand how addiction can devastate a family unit and put immense strain on our close relationships. Besides offering behavioral health services such as individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and other specialized treatments at our rehab in Missouri, we also created an exclusive monthly therapy program where clients and their families can learn about addiction and seek support from other families in their position. 

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The Family Addiction Program at HCBTS is a place to learn, thrive, and connect, and it is entirely free for all of our clients, their families, and Hotel California by the Sea alumni. We strongly encourage our past and present clients and their family members to take advantage of our free monthly family program to learn more about how we help heal entire family systems from the disease of addiction. 

Monthly Family Program: Connect, Support, Heal  

The experienced staff, multi-faceted treatment offerings, and unmatched amenities at Hotel California by the Sea draw on more than thirty years of expertise in helping those with substance use disorders overcome their suffering. If you are a victim of substance abuse, we are glad you have decided to look for recovery treatment options. 

SAMHSA writes, “The idea of family implies an enduring involvement on an emotional level.” Whatever family relationships exist for you or your loved one who suffers from an addiction, those ties can play an essential role in treating substance abuse. That’s why at Hotel California by the Sea, we pay special attention not only to our clients but those whom our clients care deeply for

Family Matters

It can be challenging to detangle the web of emotions and experiences we share with those around us that we call “relationships” and somehow put these relationships together to be healthy and functioning again after addiction. Everyone knows that interpersonal relationships are sometimes complicated. But throw in an alcohol or drug use disorder, and the problems can seem impossible. 

HCBTS, St. Louis, is here to help

We understand that alcohol and drug addiction does not just affect our clients, but those who love the clients as well. We know that to help our clients, we also need to encourage healing within the entire family unit. 

Families and loved ones are important to the successful and ongoing recovery of a person in substance abuse treatment.

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Restoring Bonds: Monthly Family Addiction Program

Individual therapy helps people suffering from substance abuse learn how to handle their addiction cessation and manage their part in relationships. Family therapy looks at the addiction through the eyes and minds of the loved ones in our clients’ lives.  

However, Hotel California by the Sea in St. Louis, Missouri’s exclusive monthly family program is a place where clients and their loved ones can learn about the disease of addiction, bond over emotional transformations, and connect with others who have had similar experiences. 

The National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW) says that 8.7 million children live in households where at least one parent suffers from a substance use disorder. At HCBTS St Louis, we have decades of experience assisting clients with rebuilding the trust and love with their children. Although children must be at least sixteen years of age to attend in person, HCBTS can work with clients to facilitate family therapy involving the youths in their lives.     

How The Family Addiction Program Works

Hotel California by the Sea’s Family Addiction Program zeroes in on each family member’s needs. How each family member interacts with the others is intricate, complicated, and connected. Untangling these intricacies and figuring out how loved ones relate to each other can help bring about positive changes to the relationships and the family unit. 

Family Addiction Program

Through our Family Addiction Program, HCBTS can help you create the boundaries and bonds that will lead to more appropriate and safe space for everyone to coexist. Our family-centered approach to healing substance abuse issues also allows clients to heal their vital connections and continue their sobriety.

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We Understand How You Feel

Being a family member or loved one of a person who suffers from a substance abuse disorder can be challenging.  

At Hotel California by the Sea (HCBTS), we recognize how family and loved ones have suffered from the disease of addiction, too. Loved ones need time and space to heal – not only for their individual wellness but also for them to support their loved one with a substance use disorder. Join in on one of our Family Addiction Program meetings and see how we can help you mend from the disease of addiction and gain the strength you need to carry on. 

How Does The Monthly Family Program Work at Hotel California by the Sea? 

Our Family Addiction Program is designed to educate you on the disease of addiction. It can be challenging to understand why a person abusing substances does what they do. Hotel California by the Sea will teach you the science behind addiction and ways to cope. 

We have many strategies to help you work through the damage done by substance use disorders. We can explain the ideas behind a twelve-step program. We will help you with avoiding codependent and enabling behaviors and much more.

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Attending our Family Addiction Program

Hotel California by the Sea has developed a highly-specialized family addiction program geared towards the family members and loved ones of our clients. We know that for treatment to be effective, the family unit needs support to stay healthy and in-tact.

On the first Friday of every month, we open our doors to the men, women, and young adults who are our clients’ loved ones. You can come once, twice, or however, many times you wish.

Our clinical professionals will work with you in a safe and understanding environment to develop a customized treatment plan. By using family communication, dynamics, expectations, setting boundaries, dealing with someone who is having trouble with sobriety, and a myriad of other topics, you will be able to walk away with a tool chest of skills to help you be the best person you can be, as well as be the support for your recovering family member.  

At HCBTS, we strongly encourage family members and loved ones to attend our Family Addiction Program as often as needed.   

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