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Outpatient Treatment in St. Louis, Missouri

Hotel California by the Sea, St. Louis is a fully-accredited drug addiction treatment center offering multiple forms of outpatient addiction rehab programs in eastern Missouri. At Hotel California by the Sea, St. Louis, we treat men, women, and young adults for substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental illnesses. Our rehab programs accepts plans from most insurance companies, including Aetna, Anthem, Humana, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, TRICARE, and more.

At Hotel California by the Sea, St. Louis, our priority is your recovery. Located east of Kansas City, Hotel California by the Sea offers multiple therapies and drug addiction rehab options to those suffering from substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental health conditions. Our unparalleled outpatient addiction treatment program located in St. Louis, Missouri provides clients with varying levels of care to accommodate the needs of each individual. These levels encompass our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as well as our Outpatient Program (OP), all ranging from one to five days a week.

Outpatient Treatment Options

Partial Hospitalization Program Overview

Group facilitator speaks to clients about relapses and triggers during their outpatient treatment
  • Day program typically lasting 7-8 hours a day
  • Typical duration is two weeks, though some stay longer
  • Ideal for clients transitioning from a more intensive level of care
  • Option of returning to sober living or home at end of day
  • Individual and group therapy included.
  • Clients may have the option to participate in certain medication-assisted treatments.

Partial Hospitalization Programming incorporates various therapeutic techniques that help our clients learn healthy coping skills and use them independently. A client will typically check in in the morning and go through various effective treatments and small groups before returning to their respective living situation, whether that be sober living or private housing. The nature of this program helps to ease the transition to the Intensive Outpatient Program at Hotel California by the Sea, which is designed to facilitate more autonomy rather than dependency upon a program.

Intensive Outpatient Program Overview

Woman is comforted by group facilitators during an intensive outpatient group
  • Day program typically lasts 3 hours per day.
  • Typical duration is 15-30 sessions.
  • Ideal for clients transitioning from PHP.
  • Individual and group therapy included.
  • Clients may have the option to participate in certain medication-assisted treatments.

After a client feels comfortable in their sobriety and can demonstrate daily consistency with their treatment initiatives, this program provides additional coping mechanisms and life skills that support and empower a client’s full-time transition into independent recovery and sobriety.

This program typically starts out at 5 sessions a week, reducing the frequency of sessions at pace with a client’s needs. This part of the outpatient program offered focuses on identifying an external support system that will be understanding and accountability for the long-term recovery process.

Outpatient Program Overview

Client in outpatient program and group counselor smiling at eachother, client proud of her sobriety and success in treatment.
  • Lowest level of treatment
  • Typically 1-2 times a week or less dependent on the treatment team’s recommendation
  • First step of continuing care programs

The OP program is for people that have a good grasp on their recovery. This program is designed for people in recovery who have demonstrated consistent use of healthy coping skills and who have implemented prior therapeutic methods to minimize the risk of relapse.

The OP program is a piece of the continuing care programs offered at HCBTS Missouri that offers continued support and an alumni community beyond active treatment. This external support system and accountability through relationships is the final piece that makes our overall outpatient program one of the most effective recovery programs in the country.

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