Outpatient Addiction Treatment in St. Louis, Missouri

Every community needs a space to call their own, and Hotel California by the Sea, St. Louis’s community is no different. Our St. Louis, Missouri building is where we gather to laugh, love, remember, forget, create close bonds, heal from drug and alcohol addiction, and ultimately help our clients build lives of freedom and vigor. Our St. Louis treatment building was built with hard work and intention – it’s an environment meant for the ultimate recovery experience for those suffering from substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental illnesses. And we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

When someone is recovering from a substance use disorder or other co-occurring mental health condition, it’s necessary to provide a safe, structured, and clean environment for them to heal. Our outpatient treatment facility in St. Louis, Missouri is a brand-new building designed with our clients in mind; it’s a modern and comfortable space where clients get to form close relationships with their peers, attend group meetings, eat a daily-catered lunch, participate in 12-step meetings, and meet with their individual therapists in private and serene rooms. 

Hotel California by the Sea’s St. Louis, Missouri outpatient facility holds space for those currently receiving Partial Hospitalization (PHP) care, Intensive Outpatient care (IOP), and Outpatient Care (OP). Those who participate in our outpatient treatment programs will spend most of their time in this facility, building coping skills and learning how to live a joyous lifestyle abstinent from drugs and alcohol.

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In addition to our treatment programs in St. Louis, we provide Detox and Inpatient services in the following locations:


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