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Men's addiction rehab

Hotel California by the Sea Next Step Program

Hotel California by the Sea’s Next Step Program is designed to boost the success of ones sobriety in treatment, and help translate that success into life while transitioning to real world living. These programs focus on specific area’s of growth that are essential in helping to deliver a full spectrum of continued support after client’s move on from our residential programming setting.

All programs are offered on a voluntary basis as designated through approval of an individual client’s clinical team, once they have been deemed appropriate to enter such programming.

College Program

Hotel California by the Sea’s Next Step College Program is designed specifically for clients who wish to engage in higher learning while continuing aftercare treatment. Either through vocational programs, junior college, or in a university setting the Next Step College Program assists interested clients in the admissions process to local schools to help further their education as they progress through Hotel California’s various levels of treatment care.

The Next Step College Program assists client’s with the enrollment process, transfer of existing credits, assignments due for classes, study groups, transportation, and educational planning for future course loads in order to provide a full continuum of support and assistance.

Life Skills Program

The Next Step Life Skills Program is designed with the young adult demographic in mind to focus upon the enhancement and development of life skills based practices. This program helps young adult clients learn essential life skills to help them on the next phase of their recovery. Topics we focus on include financial literacy, budgeting, organizational skills, planning/scheduling, and resume building amongst others.

Job Placement Program

Similar to the Next Step Life Skills Program, the Job Placement Program is exclusively created for clients who are interested in working locally once their clinical team has deemed it appropriate to do so. Clients involved in this program focus on specifically finding employment in a field that peaks their interest.

By assessing an individuals strengths, passions, and interests we help that client begin to locate potential opportunities to gain employment in area’s they’d be most likely to thrive in. By helping build there resumes along side them, and helping to teach job interviewing techniques, appropriate job interview dress, and a variety of other teachings this program helps clients increase the prospect of being able to gain successful, beneficial employment in treatment.

Christian Program

As a religion based program the Next Step Christian Program focuses on integrating the word, power, and faith in Jesus Christ of an individual’s higher power into their program of recovery. By supplementing our daily substance abuse programming with a religious based outlook in sessions ranging from bible study, church attendance, local religion based recovery events the Next Step Christian Program is a wonderful alternative for those looking to strengthen their relationship with the Lord.

Healthy Living Program

Next Step’s Healthy Living Program hones in on the building and/or creation of healthy everyday living habits for clients looking to learn more about incorporating healthy living into their lives. With groups on nutrition, meal planning, meal budgeting, goal setting, and accountability practices with our professional nutritional team – this program is ideal for learning basic yet essential healthy living practices.

Professional Reintegration Program

Our Next Step Professional Reintegration Program is designed specifically for clients in our established professional male program. Focusing on the reintegration of men back to their daily personal and business life post treatment, this program helps strengthen the knowledge and resolve of any worry that might come with undertaking the transition in new found sobriety from our programs to the back to home or business settings.