Cincinnati Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Substance abuse treatment should be catered specifically to each individual patient’s needs. At our Cincinnati, Ohio inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs, Hotel California by the Sea offers unique and specialized treatment programs and continuing care services. Our gender specific programming and co-occurring mental health disorder treatment therapies allow patients to successfully recover from their addiction and maintain a happier and healthier substance free life. 


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As one of the most sought after substance abuse treatment programs, we also offer unique treatment methods such as EMDR therapy and various cognitive therapies specialized in treating co-occurring mental health disorders. We offer supportive aftercare services such as The Career Resources Program and family support services for those in need of extra care. At Hotel California by the Sea, we are committed to guiding you throughout your entire rehab process and will continue to offer support during your recovery journey. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can affect everyone from all walks of life. Our addiction treatment program is designed to offer individualized focus for each patient and their needs to recover and achieve sobriety. 

Addiction Treatment programs at Hotel California by the Sea, Cincinnati Ohio

For those suffering from substance addiction, having treatment options is important when looking for the best program to fit his or her needs. Our Ohio locations in the Cincinnati area offer highly effective programs, which include drug and alcohol detox, inpatient residential treatment, outpatient addiction treatment programs and continuing aftercare services. We also offer specialized addiction treatment programs such as medication assistance treatment for patients with severe substance detox symptoms and dual diagnosis programs that target various mental health conditions that often occur alongside a drug and alcohol addiction. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Drug and alcohol detox is usually the first step in the recovery process. Detox is the process of medically and safely removing addictive substances from a person’s body. This process can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on each patient’s history with their substance addiction. Factors such as what substances were abused, how frequently substances were used, in what amounts substances were used, if there were multiple substances being abused and a general medical history, all contribute to the drug and alcohol detox process. Because some substances such as alcohol and opioids can be extremely addictive, detoxing under the guidance and supervision of a medical professional is the safe and effective way to long-term recovery. 

At our inpatient drug rehab in Cincinnati, Ohio, we make recovering from your addictions safe, effective and lasting. Hotel California by the Sea’s Cincinnati, Ohio detox process begins with a medical assessment and then a carefully formulated detox plan is created. Depending on the severity of the patient’s addiction, detox treatment may include medication-assisted treatment and other various forms of withdrawal management.

Inpatient Residential Treatment

Once a patient has successfully detoxed from drugs and alcohol, inpatient residential care is usually the next step in rehab. During residential drug and alcohol rehab programming, patients will receive 24/7 care by medical physicians and psychiatrists and various rehab clinicians. Patients will begin therapeutic treatments to target any underlying issues and co-occurring mental health disorders related to their addiction. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and family therapy all focus on treating mental health conditions that often occur alongside substance and alcohol addiction. At residential treatment at Hotel California by the Sea in Ohio, patients will receive daily assessments to make the necessary adjustments to each individual treatment plan. 

Partial Hospitalization Program

Patients who have stepped down in level of care from detox and patients who have less severe addictions may find outpatient addiction treatment programming an effective way to help in their recovery journey. At this point patients are still in a vulnerable state of the rehab process and partial hospitalization programming allows patients to continue therapeutic treatments while being able to slowly adjust back into daily life activities. Treatment programming at an outpatient facility ranges around seven hours per day for about 10-14 days. 

Intensive Outpatient Program

In intensive outpatient programming, patients can expect to receive around three hours per day of treatment as they continue to transition back into society free of the dependence of drugs and alcohol. With IOP, patients are able to continue therapy treatments and be able to participate in outside daily activities such as holding a job and other responsibilities. Patients in our outpatient programs also have access to life skills services such as educational and career placement assistance, assistance finding transitional sober housing for those who come from a toxic home environment and additional family support services. 

Specialized Treatment Programs

Depending on the severity of the patient’s addiction, carefully managed medications may be used to help with the painful symptoms of detoxing. Medication assisted treatment (MAT) is often used to help patients dealing with symptoms of depression, anxiety, tremors, elevated heart rate and other physical and psychological symptoms that can occur when detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Some common medications used to help with withdrawal pain management from alcohol and drugs include naltrexone, disulfiram and suboxone. 
At our Cincinnati, Ohio location, we specialize in co-occurring mental health conditions related to substance use disorders. Many drug and alcohol addicts suffer from a dual diagnosis and by creating treatment plans that address both the physical and psychological aspect of a person’s addiction, the higher the chances they have for long-term recovery. Some common dual diagnosis symptoms include depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder and more. Co-occurring mental illnesses are not a catalyst for substance use disorder or vice versa. However, when they do occur alongside each other, it is best to treat them concurrently.

Our approach to mental illness related Substance Abuse Therapy

At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, we offer specialized addiction treatment programs targeting co-occurring mental health disorders related to alcohol and drug addiction. Substance addiction therapy helps the patient understand the root cause of their addiction and how best to approach the healing process. When patients actively participate in various individual and group therapies, they have a higher chance of maintaining long-term sobriety. Therapies we offer include CBT, DBT, marriage and family therapy, various forms of group therapy and EMDR. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Also known as “talk therapy,” cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most common treatment methods used to help patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. CBT focuses on reprocessing thoughts, emotions, behaviors and physical sensations related to a patient’s addiction and turning them into positive and less distressing events. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

As a subtype of CBT, dialectical behavioral therapy is used to help patients learn skills and techniques to effectively cope with stressful emotions and feelings as a result of their addiction. Many patients who participate in DBT suffer from emotional dysregulation and this type of therapy teaches the concept of mindfulness and how to approach uncomfortable emotional situations.

Marriage and Family Therapy

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be even more isolating without the support of friends, family and loved ones. At our Blue Ash and Cincinnati, Ohio locations, we offer a specialized marriage and family support service. Patients and their loved ones are able to openly and effectively communicate their concerns regarding the addiction and set healthy boundaries. Patients who have the support of their family and loved ones have a significantly greater chance of maintaining long-term sobriety. 

Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

Some patients who are suffering from alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder, group therapy may be an effective treatment method. Group therapy offers the support of like-minded peers who may be experiencing the same feelings and can give encouragement as well as accountability to fellow peers. Addicts often feel alone and isolated in their addiction and group therapy sessions allow them to feel part of a community willing to help one another heal. 


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy is a unique therapy offered at Hotel California by the Sea in Ohio, to treat patients suffering with severe trauma related substance addiction. This specialized treatment method addresses PTSD symptoms such as recurrent and intrusive distressing feelings, flashbacks of distressing events, and intense psychological responses to emotional triggers. EMDR helps patients acknowledge the underlying root causes of their addictions and how they can be treated. 


The Addiction Treatment Process in Ohio

At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, our specialized treatment programs follow the standardized process for patients to recover from their addictions. Upon initial enrollment into our program, each patient is given a full medical and psychological assessment. Patients will enter into detox and then residential treatment to begin therapeutic treatments. In the next level of care, patients will continue treatment in outpatient care while slowly integrating back into society. Patients will begin to practice their newly learned coping and life skills in order to create a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Admission and Intake

Our team of clinical rehab experts work to make the admissions process at our Ohio rehab location as easy and simplified as possible. During initial intake, each patient will receive a biopsychosocial assessment where patient history is taken, patient diagnosis is noted and a comprehensive treatment plan is created. This complete patient assessment is vital to the medical and clinical team to be able to provide the best treatment possible for each individual patient. 


When patients commit to rehab at Hotel California by the Sea in Ohio, the first step in drug and alcohol rehab is medical detox. Detox consists of physically expelling the body of any addictive substances. For patients with severe addictions, the long-term usage of these substances have physically altered functions in their brain and other organs. As a result of detox, some of these vital organs will be unable to function properly and cause discomforting and painful withdrawal symptoms. In cases like this, medication is often used to help keep patients safe and comfortable. 

Post Substance Detox

Once patients have been fully detoxed from any addictive substances, they will begin to address any psychological conditions related to their addiction. Various forms of therapy such as CBT, DBT, EMDR and group therapy have been proven highly effective in helping patients with substance use disorders. These specialized treatments address underlying issues and causes and help patients cope with the distressing feelings and behaviors resulting from their addiction. Co-occurring mental health conditions are common for those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. By treating the patient physically and psychologically, there is a higher chance of maintaining long-term sobriety. 

Recovery and Aftercare

Addiction recovery can be a lifelong process. Patients enrolled in our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab have access to continuing care services such as various cognitive group and individual therapies, access to case managers and mentors, access to educational and professional placement assistance services and access to family support services. Various rehab clinicians at our Ohio outpatient facility are available and ready to guide our patients through lasting recovery. Patients are also encouraged to participate in local addiction recovery support groups. Having a community of like minded peers helps keep its members motivated and accountable to continue a healthy life in sobriety.

Substance Abuse Treatment at Hotel California by the Sea Cincinnati, Ohio

At Hotel California by the Sea Ohio, we specialize in substance addiction treatment and co-occurring mental health treatment care for men, women, and young adults. We provide drug and alcohol abuse treatment at inpatient and outpatient levels of care, which include detox, therapeutic treatments and continuing aftercare services. 

We offer a unique program that specializes in gender specific treatments as well as treatments targeting mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma and personality disorder. There is no one size fits all in substance abuse treatment. Each of our patients will receive an assigned care team as well as an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan upon initial intake into our programs. Throughout the duration of their treatment with us, their progress will constantly be assessed, where changes and adjustments to the care plan will be made according to their medical team. 

Our convenient Cincinnati and Blue Ash, Ohio locations allow clients from neighboring states in Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana to easily access substance abuse treatment. However, our premiere evidenced based substance abuse program, treats clients from all over the country. 


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If you or a loved one is in need of substance abuse treatment, Hotel California by the Sea Ohio may be the right fit for you. Our specialized treatment methods, evidenced based therapies and highly experienced rehab clinicians will guide you through lasting addiction recovery. Reach out to our admissions specialist today to learn more about our premiere residential inpatient and outpatient programming located in the beautiful Blue Ash area. We are here to support you through the process of getting sober so you can live the life you deserve. 

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