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Stay in one of Hotel California by the Sea’s transitional sober living homes in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sober living at Hotel California by the Sea is the perfect place to solidify a sober lifestyle, learn more about recovery, and form a robust and flourishing community. Here at HCBTS, Cincinnati, we make our clients’ sobriety, happiness, and safety our priority.

Transitional sober housing is a vital and optional part of HCBTS’ outpatient program for men and women looking to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. After someone is safe to be discharged from detox or inpatient treatment with HCBTS or another facility, our clients have the option to participate in our outpatient program for addiction and reside in one of our sober living homes. Transitional sober living is only offered to clients who are a part of our outpatient programming, assuring that our clients’ community is kept safe, secure, and tight-knit.

Sober living helps clients safely transition into normal life after leaving an inpatient rehab center, or simply after making the decision to become sober. Transitional living homes are designed to be the perfect complementary option to those in our outpatient programs. Learn more below about our transitional living homes, how they operate, and how they can help you and your loved one become adjusted to a sober lifestyle in a vibrant recovery community.

What Happens in Sober Living?

In sober living, clients stay in a sober environment while also being able to live or work from home. Clients may attend 12-step meetings and other self-help groups, therapy, jobs, school, and more, all while living in a safe and supportive environment.

In sober living, our clients live with the peers whom they attend outpatient treatment with. Therefore, they spend a significant amount of time with the same members of their community, forming close bonds and special, sometimes life-long relationships.

Living with other like-minded visuals with aligned goals helps keep our clients accountable to their community and on-track with their aspirations.

Why Transitional Housing Helps:

  • Accountability.
  • Practice forming healthy, sober, and close relationships.
  • Prime location in the metropolitan area of Cincinnati.
  • Encourages continued sobriety.
  • Constant exposure to the recovery lifestyle.
  • Transportation to and from AA meetings and other group meetings.
  • Establishes a solid foundation for a new and sober lifestyle.
  • Opportunity to make lifelong connections with like-minded people.
  • Supportive services provided for professional and educational goals.
  • Ability to partake in the monthly family program at Hotel California by the Sea.

Sober Living in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio, provides a booming job market and access to various 12-step meetings and other support groups to patients who are in recovery from substance abuse issues. At Hotel California by the Sea’s transitional living homes, clients have the opportunity to pursue educational goals or land a job in the bustling city of Cincinnati.

About Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a lively midwestern city in the state of Ohio containing tons of opportunities for sober fun, from art museums, bicycling, hiking, baseball games, restaurants, and more. Those in Cincinnati have access to hundreds of 12-step meetings (you can find some here). The weather in Cincinnati tends to fluctuate greatly between the four seasons. In the summer, Cincinnati may become hot and somewhat humid and receive a decent amount of rain. In the winter, snow often blankets Ohio’s cities and farmland.

Transitional Living for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

As mentioned, only clients in our outpatient programs are allowed to live in one of our transitional living homes.

Transitional living and outpatient programming go hand-in-hand; staff members provide transportation to and from outpatient programming, 12-step meetings, and other important appointments to Hotel California by the Sea, Cincinnati clients.

Transitional living at Hotel California by the Sea gives people who are recovering from addiction and substance abuse issues accountability, community, and hope. Ask your admissions specialist or case manager now about transitional living at Hotel California by the Sea today, and how it can help you or your loved one stay sober.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse issues, be sure to call our free and confidential admissions hotline today. Our admissions specialists will help you navigate the admissions process at HCBTS and direct you to other helpful resources for people struggling with addiction, as well as their families.

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