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Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Hotel California by the Sea is the nation’s leading drug addiction treatment center. We help addicts and alcoholics in overcoming their addictions and maintaining sobriety – all while living only steps away from the sand. Through client-centric treatment plans in four convenient locations across the United States, our drug addiction treatment center delivers long-term results to people seeking freedom from the grips of drug addiction and alcoholism.

Our drug rehab center offers drug addiction treatment, drug detox services, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, mental health treatment, and continuing care services to men, women, young adults, and those with co-occurring mental illnesses. Through multiple evidence-based treatment methods, Hotel California by the Sea’s devoted team of addiction experts help our clients discover their full potential and recover from substance use disorders for good.

At Hotel California by the Sea, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of loving professionals who dedicate their lives to cultivating personal change and empowerment. Don’t miss your opportunity to get help. Call today to get a commitment-free consultation with one of our admission specialists.

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Drug Addiction Treatment Services

Image of rehab detox. Addict in drug and alcohol detox recovery having his blood pressure taken by nurse.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

Medical Detoxification refers to the removal of illicit substances from a person’s body. Detox from drugs and alcohol can be dangerous if done alone. Hotel California by the Sea offers a comprehensive medical detox and drug addiction treatment program, overseen by licensed physicians, to protect our qualifying clients from the more harmful effects of drug or alcohol withdrawal. During detox, clients are supervised 24/7 by treatment technicians and assessed for their personal needs in ultimate comfort and until their bodies are rid of all substances. Sobriety begins here.

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A private room in a residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment program.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is a crucial stage in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. In residential treatment at HCBTS, licensed medical and psychiatric physicians assess clients for any co-occurring mental illnesses, trauma, and other drug addiction treatment needs. Caring treatment technicians supervise clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During residential treatment, clients may participate in group therapy, meet with their addiction counselors for individual therapy sessions, and participate in other support groups and experiential therapies.

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An outpatient group of recovering addicts sitting in a circle discussing sobriety with a counselor.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services give our clients the opportunity to continue treatment while working, living at home, living in sober living, or going to school. Clients continue with cognitive behavior therapy in outpatient treatment as well as many of their group therapies. Outpatient drug addiction treatment programs help clients transition from a higher level of care that more accurately reflects the life they will be going back to. With HCBTS’ continuous support and aftercare program, clients have the chance to form an entirely sustainable, independent, and sober lifestyle.

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On a recommendation I checked myself into Hotel California by the Sea and this was a completely new experience. Not only was my alcoholism being treated but I was given a new hope in regards to life, mind, body and soul. Today my life is completely different. I have been well equipped to deal not only with my disease but also deal with life as a sober man. The help I received at Hotel California by the Sea was far beyond anything I had hoped for and I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to once and for all take control of their life.

Hotel taught me the value of balance in my life. They showed me how to work a sustainable AA program with a great deal of fun in sobriety. I am very thankful for Hotel for helping to teach me how to live life in an emotionally, physically and socially sustainable way.

The staff was always supportive and you can tell they all genuinely care for each client. Hotel California by the Sea became a second home to me and I still keep close with the alumni program. The relationships I have in my life today are truly the most meaningful thing to me. Because of the compassion I received I was able to stay sober through a lot of tough situations. The treatment I received also inspired me to work in the treatment field and I use the same care and compassion I received when I needed it the most.

I am eternally grateful for the gift of treatment and what it has done for my life. Making use of what HCBTS had to offer, I was able to see the light for the first time. The entire staff at HCBTS truly cared about my recovery and me. The case management and therapy combination was an integral part of my stay at HCBTS as they helped me grow tremendously. Although I’m now checked out, a part of me will never leave HCBTS. For that, I am in gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Being in a safe environment and being educated on the disease was a huge part of staying sober one day at a time for me. After a couple of months programming I received help in finding and acquiring a new job, and learned how to communicate with my family. I also made friends who have my back to this day. I graduated from the program successfully and continue to live life clean and sober. I couldn’t be more thankful for the solid foundation Hotel California by the Sea gave me to stand on in my early days of sobriety.

Having come to HCBTS in complete despair without a home to go to, jobless and hopeless, my restoration is a complete miracle in my eyes. I moved into my own apartment a few months back, have gained employment and feel I am again a productive and contributing member of society. Each day is still a learning experience, but I will forever be grateful for the treatment that HCBTS has provided. Without them I don’t even want to imagine where I would be today. From the bottom of my heart I express my sincere gratitude to all the staff and clinical team that took me through the amazing journey we have begun together. Even today I appreciate the continued aide you provide through your Alumni program that keeps me connected with your team and gives me the comfort that I am not alone today.

I walked in the door at 25 years old weighing a hundred pounds, spiritually, mentally and physically broken. The immediate response from all of the staff members made me feel as if it were the place I had been looking for my entire life. There were many therapists and group facilitators who dedicated their lives to recovery and their approach at Hotel California By the Sea was exactly what I needed as my life turned around entirely. After treatment at 26 years old I had a new take on life and all my new life had to offer. The twelve steps implemented into the outpatient program at HCBTS is something that has been a staple in my life today. I am more than grateful for the time spent at HCBTS and would recommend this program to anyone looking for help with nowhere to turn.

I had the most amazing experience while attending HTBTS, I have gained a support system that continues to nourish my personal growth. Sobriety has shown me how to show up at the hardest of moments and experiences as my better, healthier self. I am blessed that HCBTS helped etch the tools necessary to accept life on life’s terms and helped sculpt who I am today.

My time at Hotel California by the Sea taught me how to walk through the ups and downs of life sober and come out the other end. Hotel California by the Sea made it possible to process what I was going through. No matter what emotions I was feeling, whether good or bad, the staff at Hotel California by the Sea were always available to help. As a result of taking direction, getting into action and putting effort into my recovery, I started seeing the blessings that sobriety has to offer me. Everything I have now was made possible from the help of Hotel California by the Sea.

Addiction is a disease – it’s not your fault, don’t let shame or hopelessness prevail, and no one is beyond help. Whether you are just starting or continuing your path to recovery, if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, or to inquire about addiction treatment options – Call or contact Hotel California by the Sea today:

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Our Facilities

Our drug addiction treatment center is located in Newport Beach, California, and other parts of Orange County. Our homes were designed with our clients in mind, boasting modern appliances and comfortable common rooms. Other Hotel California by the Sea locations include Bellevue, Washington, Cincinnati, Ohio, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Drug addiction treatment is special in Southern California. Whether it is the sunshine or closeby ocean, Hotel California by the Sea is a unique haven for healing and recovery. HCBTS’ building locations are unparalleled. We’re close to multiple 12-step meetings and other related support groups, several job opportunities, and beautiful Orange County beaches. Everything needed to recover from a substance use disorder is within walking distance of Hotel California by the Sea’s immaculate drug addiction treatment facilities.



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