Rehab for Men at Hotel California by the Sea

Hotel California by the Sea’s substance use disorder treatment program offers rehab for men that focuses specifically on treating men suffering with addiction and co-occurring mental health diagnoses. At HCBTS’ drug rehab facility in Newport Beach, CA- men are able to tackle their substance abuse problem with the support of trained professionals. At our rehab for men, individuals partake in evidence-informed therapies designed to promote lasting recovery.

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HCBTS’ drug rehab facility for men employs intensive therapies that assist in uncovering the root causes of addiction in an individual. At our substance abuse treatment programs, men are able to start building healthy habits, essential life skills and the confidence to reintegrate into their lives without dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Overview of Our Men’s Drug Rehab Facility

Attending an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab facility can equip men struggling with substance abuse with the support and skills needed to recover. HCBTS’ rehab for men offers programs for separate age groups; young male adults, and mature men over 30.

Each Program is designed to target the needs of individuals both mentally and physically. Men participating in the treatment process develop an individualized treatment plan with their licensed therapist and certified addiction counselor to address their specific problems and set attainable recovery goals.

Young Adult Men’s Drug Rehab Facility

Young men in the early stages of recovery face unique challenges that can be addressed within an age specific program. In many ways, growth and development may have been stalled by substance abuse. Overwhelming questions regarding the future of one’s career or education can become integrated within the client’s overall treatment and aftercare plan. 

Our young men’s drug rehab facility assists clients in:

  • Managing time effectively
  • Managing anxiety
  • Addressing trauma
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Managing feelings of anger or rage
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Impulse control

Mature Men’s Substance Abuse Program

Men over 30 in the early days of recovery from substance abuse may be faced with having to overcome addiction while also carrying the weight of a job, finances, and family obligations. HCBTS’ rehab for men over 30 focus on those unique circumstances while also addressing negative emotions that often accompany healing from addiction. This drug rehab facility treatment track is designed specifically for men to face the underlying causes of their disease with the help of licensed professionals, and to formulate a plan for a fulfilling life in recovery.

Executive Track: Rehab for Men

Alcoholism and addiction do not discriminate. Often times, people who are regarded as high functioning, successful and reliable in their careers are suffering with substance use disorders behind closed doors. Substances used to cope with high stress in the workplace can quickly become a serious problem that requires professional help. HCBTS’ rehab for men provides an “executive track” for those who require some flexibility tending to business matters while in treatment.

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Rehab for Men Housing Features and Location

Hotel California by the Sea’s Drug Rehab Facility for men allows individuals to recover from their addictions in a secure space with the support of professionals. Once individuals are in an outpatient setting at our rehab for men, Southern California’s beaches, bustling sober community and job opportunity can be integrated into a person’s early recovery.

Features of our men’s homes include:

  • Private and semi-private suites
  • Patio area with smoking sections
  • Ocean views
  • BBQ grills
  • On-site laundry facility
  • Private chef
  • Catered meals in every house
  • Weekly case management session
  • EMDR for men suffering from PTSD/li>
  • Pass to a local gym
  • Transportation to and from 12 step meetings and group outings
  • Wifi and televisions available at designated leisure times
  • Walking/biking distance to beach, parks, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.
  • Two 1-on-1 therapy sessions per week
  • Walking distance to beach, parks, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

As a result of societal pressures and stigma, it is often difficult for men to ask for help with a substance abuse problem, out of fear of being perceived as weak. Stereotypes around how men should handle emotion can be a barrier to those seeking treatment. Statistically speaking, men are more likely to suffer with an addiction to illicit substances. Seeking help with any problem, but especially with substance use disorder, is an act of courage. Men can overcome substance use disorder with the help of long-term treatment. 

Substance Abuse and Substance Use Disorders in Men

  • Binge and heavy drinking are more widespread among men than women
  • Men typically begin using substances earlier than women
  • Men take drugs and engage in risky behaviors to be part of the group more than women do
  • Men exhibit greater symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol than women
  • Compared with women, men who use heroin are more likely to use larger amounts and for a longer period of time
  • 5 million men abused prescription painkillers last year
  • Men experience higher rates of comorbid antisocial personality disorders
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Rehab for Men: Levels of Care

Inpatient and outpatient treatment at an accredited rehab for men can increase the likelihood of maintained abstinence from substances. Upon entering HCBTS’s rehab for men, individuals undergo an initial medical and psychological assessment by our medical professionals and addiction specialists. Clients are monitored throughout their treatment episode at the following levels of care:

The length of time spent at any of the above levels of care at HCBTS’ drug rehab facilities is based upon an individuals’ therapeutic progress, personal needs, and the discretion of medical professionals.

Evidence-Based Approaches for Men’s Addiction Treatment

There are many types of therapeutic methods that are utilized in the treatment of substance abuse. A “one size fits all” approach has not proven effective over time. Some of the behavioral health methods that have proven effective include:

Benefits of Rehab for Men

Though there are similarities in the preferences of men and women regarding treatment for substance use disorder, statistically there are differences in how people respond to treatment when in a gender specific setting. Studies show that men have an increased probability of seeking treatment if the treatment available catered more to men’s preferences. Treatment HCBTS’ rehab for men includes therapy focused on men’s issues and men’s recovery. Creating bonds with peers in a rehab for men over common problems, induces a common solution.

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