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Rehab for Women at Hotel California by the Sea


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Women often face unique challenges while recovering from drugs and alcohol. That’s why it’s crucial to seek help for substance use disorder at a targeted and gender-specific rehab for women that understands how to treat your unique needs. We invite you to recover from substance abuse issues in our state-licensed and accredited drug and alcohol rehab for women alongside others who are striving for abstinence and comprehensive healing.

Through gender-specific therapies and an experienced team of addiction specialists, Hotel California by the Sea’s drug rehab facility for women will help you face your drug and alcohol abuse issues in a supportive and intensive environment.

Overview of Rehab for Women

With over 25 years of experience in treating substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental illnesses in female clients, Hotel California by the Sea understands what you need to recover from addiction as a woman. Sandy’s Place, HCBTS’ female-specific residential treatment program, creates an atmosphere of complete acceptance and helps women reclaim their lives – one day at a time. Our rehab for women’s substance abuse program is a close-knit community of recovering women consisting of two private homes, each intentionally designed to hold only 6 clients at a time. At our drug rehab facility in Orange County, we will help you discover your personal potential and intimately heal from substance use disorder.

Some of our rehab for women’s program’s features include:

  • 1-on-1 individual psychotherapy sessions
  • Individual trauma therapy sessions, such as EMDR
  • 2 case management sessions per week
  • On-site catered meals (that may be personalized based on someone’s allergies or other dietary needs)
  • Nutritional consultations
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Rehab for Women: Program Housing Features and Location

Our rehab for women is in an intimate residential setting located in beautiful Orange County, California. The advantage to attending a drug rehab facility in Orange County is that luxury of being near many 12-step meetings and support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al Anon, and Smart Recovery. At HCBTS, a female client can experience what recovery has to offer at our drug rehab facility with other like-minded females.

Each Women’s Drug Rehab Facility Home includes:

  • Private and semi-private suites
  • State-of-the-art interior and exterior design with modern kitchens and living areas
  • Patio area with smoking sections
  • Continental breakfast daily
  • Access to laundry
  • Wifi and television available at designated leisure times

Substance Use Disorder Differences Between Women and Men


  • Generally, it takes higher amounts of alcohol for men to become addicted to substances
  • Men typically begin experiencing substance abuse issues earlier than women
  • 5 million men abused prescription painkillers last year
  • Men experience higher rates of comorbid antisocial personality disorders


  • Women are more likely to overdose than men
  • Women are more likely to “self-medicate” co-occurring disorders than men
  • Women experience more intense cravings than men
  • Spousal abuse in women is identified as a predictor of substance abuse issues
  • Women typically enter rehab centers with more sexual-related trauma alongside their substance use disorder

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Women’s Rehab Program: Levels of Care

Rehab for women must be as dynamic as addiction itself for a woman to achieve enduring sobriety. From detoxification to residential rehab to intensive outpatient services, Hotel California by the Sea’s drug rehab facility accommodates a large variety of treatment needs. Upon entry, a physician will assess and evaluate you on unique criteria and register you in the appropriate intervention program. Hotel California by the Sea rehab for women offers multiple levels of care to address each stage of a clients’ recovery, including:

Medical Detoxification

At a drug rehab facility, detox begins with an initial medical and psychiatric consultation. In detox, our female clients are supervised 24/7 by medical professionals, and nurses. 

Detox Program Accommodations:

  Medication-assisted treatment for withdrawal symptoms

  Medication management

  Medical and nursing evaluations and assessments

  1-on-1 counseling and therapy sessions

Partial-Hospitalization (PHP)

By the time you reach PHP, you have achieved enough mental and physical stability to begin practicing more independence in your sobriety. With enough support, you may transition to a sober living home or your own home and begin Hotel California by the Sea’s daytime rehab for women program.

The purpose of PHP is to provide you with a safety net for extra support while you begin dealing with the stressors of life outside of rehab. Hotel California strongly encourages you to participate in outpatient care to prevent relapse and continue developing healthy coping skills.

Inpatient Residential Rehabilitation

Inpatient drug rehab facilities offer the same 24/7 care as our medical withdrawal management detox while introducing new therapies to our female clients. While in residential care, medical physicians and psychiatrists routinely monitor your progress.

In inpatient residential rehab for women, you and other clients at Hotel California by the Sea begin group therapy, individual therapy, and other specialized and therapies. By this time, most of your physical withdrawal symptoms will have disappeared.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Intensive outpatient begins once your treatment team decides it’s time to phase out of PHP. This “step down” is a huge sign of progress in HCBTS’s rehab for women program. Once you or another of our beloved women reaches this program, they’ve started planning with one of our case managers about how to properly manage leaving treatment. By this time, you are almost ready to face the outside world on your own.

While still concentrating on your substance abuse treatment, when at IOP level of care, a comprehensive treatment and discharge plan is created focusing on your personal goals, whether its retuning to your family, starting a new career, or enrolling in school.  This plan will also include establishing a therapist, identifying convenient support groups to attend, and making sure you have established a solid support group.

Evidence-Based Approaches for Women’s Addiction Treatment

Women face unique obstacles that require separate attention and care, but Hotel California by the Sea’s rehab for women is equipped with the expertise necessary to help our clients heal from their addictions. Sandy’s Place, Hotel California by the Sea’s substance abuse treatment program for women, offers a strategic combination of the most effective modalities in addiction care. Some of these rehab for women therapies include:


Young Adult Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or “talk therapy” helps women become aware of their negative thought patterns, self-destructive behaviors, and unhealthy coping skills. CBT is a go-to therapeutic treatment for eating disorders, depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and many more mental illnesses.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy targets emotional dysregulation in people with personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses that affect cognitive stability.

Rooted in mindfulness, DBT is especially helpful in providing women with tangible coping mechanisms for overwhelming emotions of any kind, including cravings.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Addiction is not only a personal disease, but a disease of the entire family unit.

Treatment that integrates not only the whole person, but someone’s personal network of loved ones, proves more successful than individual therapy alone. The more people that support a recovering addict, the better chance she has at lasting sobriety.

Not only this, but marriage and family counseling helps family members, spouses, and friends understand how to cope with their emotions about their loved one’s addiction.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy at HCBTS fosters a safe and supportive community of people with similar goals. Peers who relate to someone’s personal experiences make it easier for them to open up about their deepest fears, traumas, joys, and stressors – it makes our clients realize they’re never alone.

Group therapy is led by Hotel California by the Sea’s medical and psychological clinicians. Our group therapy sessions encourage vulnerability, prompting our clients to realize they aren’t as different from others as their addiction once led them to believe.

Being vulnerable amongst a supportive community is the key to eliminating guilt and shame – two root causes of addiction and relapse.


Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy. EMDR is a revolutionary technique created specifically for trauma survivors and people with PTSD.

In the brain, traumatic memories are stored through maladaptive pathways.
These maladaptive pathways can cause women to have abnormal or disproportionate responses to normal situations. Trauma can also contribute to self-medicating in women.

Only through healing trauma can survivors begin to sort out the sources of their substance use disorders and other destructive behaviors.

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