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Rehab for Professionals, executives, businessmenCell & Computer Access

You are a professional man. You have had a great deal of success in your life. We believe in treating you with dignity and respect, and therefore, you will find our guidelines around the use of your cell phone and laptop reflect that. Rather than allowing work to be a distraction from your treatment process, we prefer to make it a part of it. We realize it is likely the stresses of work have contributed to you being at Hotel California by the Sea, so we believe it is important to allow you the opportunity to experience some of those stressors while you are in our care. Your treatment team will help you decide when you feel comfortable reconnecting with your business. They will coach you through the process of how work triggers affect your emotions, your desire to drink or use, and your stress levels as they relate to your work. As an addiction rehab for professionals, we see your access to your business as a way of preparing you for returning to your everyday life with better tools for dealing with the pressures associated with your career.



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