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Customized TreatmentCustomized Treatment

We see each of our clients as individuals. Whatever is motivating them personally to seek help today is unique to them. Therefore, at Hotel California by the Sea we strive to create a luxury addiction treatment program that is as individual as our clients are. Upon admission, our clients will undergo assessments that will provide our experienced addiction clinicians with the information they need to create a treatment plan specifically tailored to each clients needs.

Our treatment teams will consult with their client and one another throughout the course of their client’s program to ensure that their client’s specific needs are being met as they progress through the process of recovery. We incorporate all aspects of our client’s life (family life and professional life) in order to best equip them with the coping skills and emotional support that may help them to thrive in their recovery and in their everyday life.

As part of their program of recovery, we also offer several unique luxury auxiliary services that compliment and facilitate our client’s healing process and their transition into a new sober lifestyle.

If you or a loved one are ready to take the first step toward recovery, contact us to get started with a customized addiction treatment program – tailored just for you and/or your loved ones needs.

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