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The drug and alcohol epidemic has hit the Pacific Northwest hard. This is especially true fro the Seattle and Bellevue area.  Heroin, meth, alcohol and synthetics have taken their toll on the areas young adults. Overcoming the grasp of drug and alcohol addiction is a challenging and difficult process. Addiction is considered the most treatment resistant disease known to man. When it comes to seeking help in overcoming substance dependency its important to select the right option, the first time.

One of the most common mistakes is selecting a treatment center in close proximity to the area of use. This allows for familiar triggers and easy access to drugs and alcohol. It also makes discharging against clinical advice a very simple process. It is recommended to leave the area of use for at least the first 90 days of treatment in order to ease the stress and triggers on the individual.  Family, friends, places, and smells all can trigger or disrupt the necessary foundation your loved one needs.

At Hotel California by the Sea we understand the importance of creating a solid foundation in recovery in order to establishing lasting sobriety. We offer family support, transportation, and intervention in the Seattle area. Our local clinical outreach specialist will be able to meet with your family and assist in evaluation of your loved one’s need. They will be available to walk you through the entire process and ensure the best care is provided. Our specialists in the Seattle area are dedicated to providing quality care for the family and individuals struggling with addiction. Call us today for a free consultation and begin the journey to your new life.


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