Sober Companions & Coaches

A sober companion provides support when returning home. Returning home can be scary as you integrate back into work and your family. They can help you make connections in your community so that you get the continuous support that you need.

There is a saying in the recovery community, “We could do together what we could not do alone.”

Another element of continuing care might include a sober companion. A companion is especially helpful for those clients who come to us from areas outside of Southern California. Returning home often creates anxiety and fear. We’re happy to provide a companion to accompany you home. Our companions have long-term sobriety, and they remember what it was like to reintegrate with family and work after treatment. They’re available to travel with you, assist you in establishing a support system back home, to help you find recovery meetings in your area, or simply to provide moral support at the beginning of your new journey.

We also work with some excellent sober coaches. A sober coach is similar to an executive coach. They can help you continue to develop tools for sobriety once you leave treatment. By the time someone comes to a program like ours, they’ve often spent many years struggling. Newly sober, navigating the challenges of work and home can be daunting. Coaching is another level of support that can carry you through the transition, helping you to implement new habits and skills and set you on the path of a successful future in recovery.

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