Sober Transitional Living in Orange County, CA


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Transitional living at Hotel California by the Sea includes our sober living homes, designed for clients actively partaking in the outpatient treatment programs we offer. sober living, also known as transitional housing is ideal for clients seeking a secure and stable environment while continuing treatment at the less intensive levels of care, after completing an inpatient stay at HCBTS. Transitional housing is encouraged for those who are in the early days of recovery and seeking to maintain their recovery.

Benefits of Transitional Housing at Orange County Drug Rehab:

  • Ideal location in Southern California beach cities with robust employment networks
  • Live in transitional housing while continuing outpatient treatment with Hotel California by the Sea
  • Establish a solid foundation for in recovery
  • Remain in structured environment until clients are ready to transition home
  • Create a sober community and network of support with peers

HCBTS’ sober living homes are an option for those attending outpatient treatment. All persons living within our transitional homes are in treatment at HCBTS. This creates a sense of security and community for all residents in our transitional housing.

Sober Transitional Living for Lower Levels of Drug Rehab

Attending outpatient treatment after detoxification or residential addiction treatment may increase your chances of maintaining sobriety. Transitional housing with HCBTS is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged as it has proven most effective over time. While participating in outpatient treatment at HCBTS, clients may choose to live at home or reside in an offsite a sober living home.

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What Happens in Sober Living?

While in sober living at one of HCBTS’ transitional housing locations, clients have an opportunity to create close friendships with peers actively working towards the common goal of recovery. Clients continue to meet with their designated therapists, psychiatrists and case managers as they continue working through their treatment plans towards the ultimate goal of maintained recovery.

HCBTS’ sober living homes are open to those who are attending one of our outpatient programs and have chosen transitional housing to best support their own personal recovery journey. These transitional housing residences are a structured environment that serve as an ideal step-down process for those discharging from inpatient treatment.

There are those who attend outpatient treatment at HCBTS while residing in a sober living not associated with the facility, there are many transitional housing options in the Orange County area.

Transitional housing at HCBTS provides clients structured elements such as house rules, house meetings, chores, curfews, and alcohol and drug testing which have proven to be helpful measures in early recovery. 

Sober Living in Orange County, California

By following through with lower levels of care and electing to reside in transitional housing, Hotel California by the Sea finds that clients have a higher likelihood of remaining sober. Hotel California by the is a leading addiction treatment program in Orange County, CA.

Sober Transitional Living

Lower levels of care, such as partial hospitalization programming (PHP), intensive outpatient programming (IOP), and outpatient programming (OP) are covered by private insurance plans.

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