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The staff at Hotel California by the Sea seek to provide the highest level of care for our clients. Every one of our men is given multiple opportunities to offer us feedback throughout their stay and upon their departure. Nothing means more to us than to hear one of our men talk about the healing they have experienced during their time with us.

Good Medicine

“Beautiful Newport Beach is not the only good medicine here. Hotel California by the Sea boasts an impressive professional staff that truly cares about your well-being and your journey to sober, clean living. Clients receive unparalleled treatment and care from the cutting edge of rehabilitation practices. Look no further.”

Tools for Life

“Hotel California by the Sea gave me the tools to return to a healthy manner of living. Their staff established a personal and caring environment for the healing process. My experience there has allowed me to move on with a life that is free of substances.”

Self Love

“I found my ability to love myself perhaps for the first time in my life. So many things have changed; they’re kind of private for me. This choice is the best choice I’ve made in my life.”


“Overall, this has been great. This is the best experience I’ve had in treatment. I’d give it an A+. Overall, excellent. It was a wonderful experience; the staff & treatment are excellent. I will recommend HCBTS. I had an extraordinary experience.”

Self Awareness

“I accomplished better awareness of the disease within. I made a lot of progress with my PTSD; I’m making progress restoring good relationships with my daughter, son, and with my wife.”

61 Days and Counting

“I have a new outlook on life in general. The second 30 days was really helpful. 61 days sober. Improved my relationship with my family, especially my mother. Improved my spiritual life, even my relationship with my higher power. I made a lot of friends. I really matured here.”

2 1/2 Years Clean

“I came to Hotel California by the Sea broken down on the inside and outside. I had ambitions in life but no longer had the drive to get there. My disease had full control of my day to day life and I did not know how to relinquish that control. I entered inpatient treatment intending to stay for only 90 days, but after those 90 days I knew I needed more help, I wanted more help. I went into Hotel California’s outpatient program and sober living to continue to grow in my recovery. I now have 2 1⁄2 years clean. In those 2 1⁄2 years I finished my degree in Criminal Justice and I’ve had the opportunity to coach high school basketball. Hotel California by the Sea gave me the tools to be successful in my recovery and everyday life, I found my determination and drive to be successful again.”

Renewed and Bright Future

“There have been big changes before and after attending Hotel California. Prior to coming to treatment, I was in a plateau in career after 30 years…I felt stuck in my overall life due to having so much association with my past, mistakes made when under the influence, and an inability to get excited about the future. Following treatment I was able to remove myself from my past mistakes, become centered on sober living and health, and started to chart an entirely different and bright future ahead. In a fairly short amount of time I have seen massive improvements in physical, spiritual and mental health. Family and external relationships have improved dramatically and I am undertaking my own business which was a long-held dream of mine.  Thank you to the staff of Hotel California for correcting my course to a renewed and bright future.”

Second Chance at Life

“After treatment with HCBTS, I have been given a second chance at life. Living without the chains of addiction has given me freedoms that I have never experienced. The staff at HCBTS not only worked with me to address my addiction, they also helped me address the underlying issues that I have been struggling with throughout my life. Examining my relationships, values, anxieties and self-perception are just a few of the issues that were brought to light while I was at HCBTS. I no longer have to lie to anyone and each night I am able put my head down on the pillow with a clean conscience.”

Learning to Love Myself Again

“Hotel California by the Sea has taught me how to love myself again and most importantly, how to forgive myself….I have never relapsed and I thank God for that. I now have the privilege of working in recovery…as a sponsor, I have the privilege of taking women through the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I get to carry a message of hope and direction to women who were once as hopeless as I was. Today I am of service to God, my fellows, and my family.”

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