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Paddle boarding, young adult therapiesYoung Adult Therapies

Young adults have unique therapeutic needs. Hotel California by the Sea’s young adult addiction counseling program in California addresses those needs through individual, group and family therapy.

Comprehensive studies have shown that the brain is not fully mature until the age of 25. This is especially true of the part of the brain that controls impulses or helps individuals map out their lives – such as determining what they are going to “be” in life. Many teens and young adults may have disruptions in the natural maturity process of the brain, otherwise known as “arrested development,” beginning at the age that they started abusing substances. Therapeutic interventions through counseling are an essential component of therapy for young adults recovering from addiction and getting back on track developmentally.

Our young adult therapies facilitate this process through opportunities for healing in individual, group and family settings in the care of highly credentialed professionals employing evidence-based therapies that work. Because addiction complicates the already complex questions and choices young adults make, our dedicated professionals help facilitate this process and guide patients toward clarity over questions they have about their identity, values, interests, boundaries and where they generally fit in in the world, among friends, in school and the workplace and in their families. Through the following young adult therapies, we help patients grasp values where there once was confusion, gain confidence where there was insecurity and have direction where there once was deviation.

Some of the issues patients explore and heal from through young adult counseling include:

  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Anger/rage
  • Anxiety/worry
  • Guilt and shame
  • Relationship/Family issues
  • Vocational/Professional goals
  • Making choices
  • Self esteem


Young Adult Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions provide a safe space where young adults can confidentially speak one on one with their therapist about issues they may not wish to share in a group setting. Our young adult addiction treatment program offers one individual therapy session per week.


Young Adult Group Therapy

Healing among others help our young adults come out of isolation and into the comfort of shared experiences. It is through groups that young adults learn to grapple with their problems out in the open and develop self-understanding in a peer supported setting.  Common shared experiences include issues concerning relationships, self-esteem, work/school, identity, anger and depression. The group can function as a sounding board for which clients receive and impart helpful coping skills while developing tools for communication with friends and family members and exploring strategies for improving social skills and relationships.


Young Adult Family Therapy

Many patients enter our young adult addiction therapy program with deficits in their family relationships that need to be worked on. Both the young adult client and the family members need help improving themselves so they can improve their relationships. Our clinicians understand how addiction affects the entire family and are trained in facilitating family members to restore and repair what is broken. During the 3rd week of every month, family members come to work through issues while learning about substance abuse through group and individual family therapy sessions.