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Young Adult Substance Abuse RehabSubstance Abuse in Young Adults

Substance abuse among young adults has reached unprecedented rates. To address this problem, young adult substance abuse treatment programs need to mitigate the rate of relapse by offering services that resonate with the needs and circumstances of young adults. Particularly, young adults require a different approach than addiction treatment for older adults, as many view addiction treatment as a form of punishment, rather than a beneficial life choice. Many times this underlying resentment can hinder the ability to integrate valuable recovery tools into their lives, as they sometimes see these teachings as an encroachment on their freedom.

Hotel California by the Sea’s Young Adult Treatment Program utilizes a customized treatment model that instills in young adults the knowledge that a life of recovery is a better way of life, rather than a form of discipline. Our treatment staff strives to be seen as mentors helping young people stay sober and realize their full potential, rather than unwelcomed authority figures.

Our multidimensional and customized approach to treating young adults treats substance addictions while teaching the tools needed to prepare young people for the lives ahead of them. Many young adults suffering from addiction also suffer from delayed emotional development, trouble with relationships and commitments, and problems fully understanding the impact their addictions have had on others in their lives. Our program recognizes the importance of treating all primary and secondary symptoms of addiction at this crucial age in a person’s life. When a young adult leaves our substance abuse treatment program, they are not only sober, but also prepared to be productive members of society and outstanding human beings.