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Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment, Dual Diagnosis RehabCo-Occurring Disorder Treatment

The abuse of alcohol and drugs often begins with an attempt to self-medicate depression, anxiety, the pain of a traumatic experience, or a diagnosis such as bipolar disorder or other mood disorders. In addition, drug abuse can often manifest in symptoms that resemble mental illness. It is important for those in our addiction treatment program to be evaluated for co-occurring disorders if indicated.

Once sober, underlying issues related to mood disorders often make it difficult for individuals to manage the symptoms associated with their dependence on alcohol or drugs. That is why at Hotel California by the Sea we utilize psychological testing to determine any underlying issues. We then pair clients with licensed therapists who specialize in specific co-occurring disorders and, if needed, place them in the care of a medical doctor or a psychiatrist who’s been certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Treating addiction in tandem with any co-occurring disorders among highly credentialed specialists is the cornerstone of our co-occurring disorders treatment program. For more detailed information for yourself or a loved one, you may call and speak to our staff confidentially.



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