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Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disorder that does not discriminate against anyone, despite their gender, social class, or age. When it comes to crafting perfect treatment plans, who an addiction specialist treats matters more than what they’re treating.

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At our drug and alcohol rehab center, we provide care to men, women, and young adults. Each person who struggles with addiction is unique, and the treatment plan that may help a client can sometimes vary based on their gender, age, co-occurring mental health conditions, and life experiences.

Based on specific life experiences and challenges, Hotel California’s drug rehab center provides specialized inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment to individuals in all walks of life. We help people from all ages and genders recover from addiction.  At Hotel California by the Sea’s drug rehab center, it is our mission to provide the best individualized and evidence-based addiction treatment .

Drug Rehab Center Specialized Treatment Programs

Effective treatment for substance use disorders integrates multiple modalities of addiction treatment according to clients’ specific needs during their stay. Our Orange County drug rehab center provides specialized treatment programs including a men’s residential treatment rehab program, a women’s residential addiction treatment program, and a young adults program.

Clients in each of these programs have the opportunity to address any co-occurring mental conditions that may resurface, such as depression or anxiety.

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Our drug rehab center’s treatment programs may be right for you if you suffer from one of the following in addition to a substance use disorder:

Men’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

The Seashore Men’s drug rehab center was crafted specifically for men aged 30 and over in Newport Beach, CA. This male-focused drug and alcohol rehab center program hones in on the unique struggles that more established men face while trying to recover from addiction, cope with mental health conditions, and face difficult emotions.

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Our Seashore program places a heavy emphasis on treating addiction concurrent with co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, family and marital issues, and work-related stress. Clients in our Seashore program are seen twice per week for individual psychotherapy sessions by a licensed therapist and twice per week for case management sessions by a certified drug and alcohol counselor.

Women’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Sandy’s Place Women’s Drug Rehab Center is a leader for female treatment centers in the United States. Sandy’s Place provides a safe, and structured treatment environment for women struggling with addiction, trauma and other co-occurring disorders.

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At Sandy’s Place, we provide a variety of treatment modalities to customize each treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each woman in the program. At our women-focused drug and alcohol rehab center in Orange County,  we treat all aspects of our patients and their addictions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Young Adults Program

Hotel California by the Sea provides a specialized program for young adults with a focus on treating addiction and co-occurring disorders while also promoting and encouraging positive life change and personal and professional growth.

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Our young adults program is heavily supported by our Career Resource Center, which has helped a countless number of clients attain jobs or pursue higher education. Our Career Resource Program provides educational and professional assistance including job search assistance, mock interview support, interview etiquette training, assistance with applying for school and for financial aid, and we assist with facilitating college campus tours.

Therapeutic Drug and Alcohol Rehab Methods

In all of our programs at Hotel California by the Sea, we offer intensive therapeutic services led by leaders in the addiction industry.

Specialists lead each of our different therapies. For example, a licensed marriage and family therapist guides clients and their families through family and marriage therapy sessions.

HCBTS’ treatment specialists also assign a case manager to each client. Each of these case managers are certified drug and alcohol counselors with years of working experience in the field of addiction.

Some of the treatment modalities offered by our experienced substance abuse clinicians include:

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