Admissions to our Drug Rehab Center in St Louis, Missouri

Welcome and congratulations for pursuing sobriety for you or for a loved one. From this point forward, you are no longer alone in your struggle with substance abuse or an addicted loved one. Hotel California by the Sea in St Louis, Missouri, has everything you will need to begin the quest for a clean and sober life. We are prepared to help you or your loved one quickly and easily find the treatment options that are best-fitting for your needs and lifestyle.

Find Out If Your Insurance Will Cover Rehab

Verify your insurance over the phone or through our online insurance verification form.

Admissions Process

When you first contact us, whether by phone or online through chat or contact form, you will be assigned an admissions specialist that will stay with you throughout your entire admissions process. Your admissions specialist will work with you to create a plan that will allow you the best chances at a long term and successful recovery journey.

Since Hotel California by the Sea here in St Louis, accepts most health insurances, we will advocate on your behalf and work with your insurance company to make sure you receive the most assistance possible when it comes to paying for your treatment with us.

Hotel California also offers other financial options to clients that do not have insurance. For eligible candidates, we may provide sliding payment scales or payment plans to incoming HCBTS clients. HCBTS, St. Louis, is ready to work with you to find the financial options that best suit your situation.

Once You Enter Our Care

Hotel California by the Sea, St Louis, knows that your recovery plan needs to be as unique as you are. Once you admit to Hotel California by the Sea, you will find a treatment plan built around you and your specific needs, as well as a thriving community of supportive sober individuals excited to help you overcome your substance abuse issues.

First, you will be assigned a team of medical and clinical professionals at HCBTS. At HCBTS, our team members are your advocates. Their goals revolve completely around you and your recovery. Your treatment team is a group of highly trained professionals who are ready to offer you choices for treatments and programs that will aid you in attaining that clean and sober life that you deserve.

Hotel California by the Sea’s evidence-based programs are created from scientifically proven methodology. Some of the scientifically-based medical and psychiatric therapy options offered here in St Louis, Missouri, are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), psychotherapy, experiential therapy, and nutritional consultation.

Other more holistic therapeutic interventions include coping skills preparation and mindfulness meditation. These are just two of the more non-traditional treatments we offer. Clients will have the opportunity to experience programs within group settings, as well as in individual therapy.

Hotel California by the Sea also offers emotional regulation and coping skills, anger management, family education, career and life skills, aftercare, and discharge planning and preparation.

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