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At Hotel California by the Sea, we take a unique and comprehensive approach to the treatment of alcohol and substance abuse. It is the aim of our licensed clinical staff to provide comprehensive, evidence based addiction treatment services. We hold it in our highest esteem to honor the individual and to customize a treatment plan that is unique to our clients.  At Hotel California By the Sea, we understand that we are the first stepping-stone in our client’s recovery process.  Therefore, we understand the importance of working side-by-side with our clients to learn what their personal needs, goals, and aspirations are.
In collaboration with Orange County and Bellevue’s most respected and experienced treatment professionals, we are able to implement all of our resources to equip and empower our clients with the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to thrive, not only in their recovery, but also in their everyday lives. At Hotel California By the Sea, we teach our clients how to translate success in their recovery to success in their everyday lives. We teach our clients how to stop living in the problem and how to begin living in the solution. Since we’ve opened, we have and continue to be the bridge back to life for so many people and have reunited many families. Are you ready to start your journey today? You solution starts here. Welcome to recovery.

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