Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Comprehensive Rehab Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Hotel California by the Sea is the nation’s leading drug addiction treatment and rehab center. We help addicts and alcoholics overcome their addictions and maintain their sobriety – all while living only steps away from the sand. Through client-centric treatment plans in four convenient locations across the United States, our drug addiction treatment and rehab center delivers long-term results to people seeking freedom from the grips of drug addiction and alcoholism.

Our drug rehab center offers the following services for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction:

Through multiple evidence-based drug addiction treatment and rehab methods, Hotel California by the Sea’s devoted team of addiction experts help our clients discover their full potential and recover from substance use disorders for good. At Hotel California by the Sea, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of loving professionals who dedicate their lives to cultivating personal change and empowerment. Don’t miss your opportunity to get help at our state of the art rehab center. Call today to get a commitment-free consultation with one of our admission specialists.

Drug Addiction Treatment Services

Drug & Alcohol Detox

Medical Detoxification refers to the removal of illicit substances from a person’s body. Detox from drugs and alcohol can be dangerous if done alone. Hotel California by the Sea offers a comprehensive medical detox and rehab program for drug addiction, overseen by licensed physicians, to protect our qualifying clients from the more harmful effects of drug or alcohol withdrawal. During rehab detox, clients are supervised 24/7 by treatment technicians and assessed for their personal needs in ultimate comfort and until their bodies are rid of all substances. Sobriety begins here.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is a crucial stage in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. In residential treatment at HCBTS, licensed medical and psychiatric physicians assess clients for any co-occurring mental illnesses, trauma, and other drug addiction treatment needs. Caring treatment and rehab technicians supervise clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During residential drug addiction treatment, clients may participate in group therapy, meet with their addiction counselors for individual therapy sessions, and participate in other support groups and experiential rehab therapies.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services give our clients the opportunity to continue treatment and rehab while working, living at home, living in sober living, or going to school. Clients continue with cognitive behavior therapy in outpatient treatment as well as many of their group therapies. Outpatient drug addiction treatment programs help clients transition from a higher level of care that more accurately reflects the life they will be going back to. With HCBTS’ continuous support and aftercare program, clients have the chance to form an entirely sustainable, independent, and sober lifestyle.

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    Our Facilities

    Our drug addiction treatment and rehab center is located in Newport Beach, California, and other parts of Orange County. Our homes were designed with our clients in mind, boasting modern appliances and comfortable common rooms. Other Hotel California by the Sea locations include Bellevue, Washington, Cincinnati, Ohio, and St. Louis, Missouri.

    Drug addiction treatment is special in Southern California. Whether it is the sunshine or close-by ocean, Hotel California by the Sea is a unique haven for healing and recovery. HCBTS’ building locations are unparalleled. We’re close to multiple 12-step meetings and other related support groups, several job opportunities, and beautiful Orange County beaches. Everything needed to recover from a substance use disorder is within walking distance of Hotel California by the Sea’s immaculate drug addiction treatment and rehab facilities.

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