Inpatient Treatment Facilities – Tour

Our inpatient treatment facilities in Newport Beach, California provide men, women, and young adults with a modern, safe, and protected environment to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Each home may possess a variety of comfort-based amenities at clients’ disposal, such as:

  • Ocean views.
  • Access to the beach.
  • Internet service.
  • Upstairs balconies.
  • Private smoking areas.
  • Updated kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Inpatient treatment at Hotel California by the Sea is centered in Orange County, California, a place where clients can explore new hobbies such as hiking, swimming, and art. Orange County, California also has a booming job market and ample vocational opportunities for people in early sobriety. At Hotel California by the Sea, clients will connect with others in early sobriety and recover from drug or alcohol addiction in the comfort of newly-built homes with polished amenities. Clients may detox from their drug of choice and form novel, monumental habits as new sober individuals in these beautiful inpatient homes.

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