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With multiple inpatient rehab facilities and alcohol detox facilities located throughout Orange County, California, our gender based residential homes help men, women and young adults successfully recover from their addictions to drugs, alcohol and other substances. Our IMS certified drug detox facilities offer exceptional patient care under the guidance of medical physicians, psychiatrists, and other clinical rehab professionals. Residents will be able to successfully recover and maintain long term sobriety through individualized treatment plans created to meet the needs of each of our patients.


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Inpatient Drug Rehab at Hotel California by the Sea

At Hotel California by the Sea, our inpatient drug rehab in Newport Beach, California provides a safe and protected environment to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. Our programs are customized and targeted for each individual patient need and include gender specific treatment programs.

Our Southern California drug and alcohol detox facility is IMS certified, where all incoming patients will receive a comprehensive BPS, after which both patient and medical professional will create a customized treatment plan for recovery. Care plans can include anything from medical detox to various psychotherapies, where patients will receive 24/7 care from physicians, psychologists and various supporting clinical professionals.

Centered in the heart of Orange County, California, our drug rehab facility allows patients to explore new hobbies such as hiking, swimming and art. Our drug rehab facility is conveniently located near various recovery support groups for those in early sobriety and ample vocational opportunities for individuals looking for a fresh start in their new lives free of the dependence from substances.

Each of our inpatient homes are equipped with a variety of comfort-based amenities, which can include:

  • Oceans views
  • Access to the beach
  • Designated private smoking areas
  • Modern and updated living environments
  • Private chefs and nutritional support
  • Access to various physical and outdoor activities

Exclusive features of our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities

Our inpatient alcohol rehab and residential facilities at Hotel California by the Sea are some of the most sought after rehab recovery treatment programs in Southern California. We offer specialized treatment methods such as EMDR and gender-focused treatment plans, we are located in an ideal setting near the beach and our residents have access to ample leisurely, health and wellness activities within walking distance from the facility.

Our Unique approach to Inpatient care

In our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab facilities, we offer the latest clinically proven evidence-based treatments for our patients in the early days of their addiction recovery. We specialize in treating co-occurring mental health disorders through unique therapies such as EMDR. As part of the overall recovery process, our residential facilities promote other forms of health and wellness through food and nutrition. The residents at our inpatient drug rehab can enjoy the benefits of a private chef. We are able to accommodate for many specialized diets and nutritional needs, which helps promote the path to a healthier lifestyle in all aspects of the patient’s life. 

Recover at our tranquil beachside location

At Hotel California by the Sea, our alcohol rehab facility is conveniently located in the heart of Orange County, California near the beach with beautiful ocean views and easy access to the pier. Inpatient residents can enjoy sunny beach days biking, swimming, various beach sports and activities and even hiking along the breezy coast. The serene environment of the beachside location helps patients reset and reinvigorate both their mind and body during their recovery journey. 


While in our drug rehab facilities, patients not only focus on direct sobriety from substances, but on the overall healing process balancing treatment and daily life events. Our residents are encouraged to participate in daily and weekly group events, and activities that promote health and wellness and even take up a new hobby or sport. Our ideal location also offers endless opportunities to participate in leisurely activities that can help boost motivation for long-term recovery.

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Our approach to effective Inpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Detox 

At Hotel California by the Sea, our inpatient facilities offer various treatment methods utilized to fit the unique needs of each of our patients. It provides a structured and safe environment for newly detox patients to get sober and receive other treatments for co-occurring mental health conditions. Inpatient programs include medication assisted treatments, withdrawal management and various forms of group and individual therapies.

Medical Treatment and Medication Assisted Treatment

Depending on the severity of a patient’s addiction, medication and medical treatment is often necessary to assist during detox to ease the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include nausea, muscle aches and pains, irregular heartbeat, depression and anxiety.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is utilized with patients to keep them comfortable and safe during the detox phase of their rehab treatment. Medications such as disulfiram and naltrexone are used for those detoxing from alcohol. While medications such as suboxone or clonidine, are recommended for patients detoxing from drugs and other substances.

The combination of carefully prescribed medications under the supervision of medical professionals, can help minimize cravings and symptoms leading to a successful detox outcome.

Withdrawal Management and Care

For patients experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, MAT is a form of withdrawal management often used by the clinical team to help with discomfort and pain. During alcohol and drug detox, patients may experience symptoms such as physical discomfort as well as psychological distress. In order for patients to successfully detox from both physical and emotional cravings of their drug of choice, the medical rehab team carefully monitors the patient’s treatment plan, making adjustments where needed.

For patients in our drug detox facility, MAT and other forms of medical treatments are often appropriate when helping patients through the duration of the initial phase of rehab and recovery.

Individual, Family and Group Therapy

Part of healing and recovery requires some patients to participate in various forms of psychotherapy. These treatment therapies get to the underlying causes of substance abuse and help treat every aspect of a person’s addiction. At Hotel California by the Sea, our unique family addiction therapy program helps those whose addiction problems are associated with family and social relationships. Other individuals benefit from one-on-one therapy sessions such as CBT, DBT and EMDR, where they can unpack and understand some of the mental disorders occurring alongside their substance addiction. Patients learn effective coping skills and techniques to utilize throughout the recovery process.

What is the Inpatient Rehab intake process?

Upon initial admittance into our inpatient drug rehab treatment facility, each patient will receive a full medical evaluation and biopsychosocial assessment. A carefully developed treatment plan is created for each patient for the duration of his or her stay within our recovery program. Key information and factors such as the following are important when assessing each patient and guiding them into a successful recovery:

  •      Frequency of substance use
  •      Duration of substance use
  •      The number of various substances being used
  •      Co-occurring mental health conditions
  •      Current home environment
  •      Current support system
  •      Willingness to recover from substance dependence

Once all pertinent information has been gathered, patients will follow a carefully curated care plan, which may include detox, medical treatments and various forms of therapies. Patients will receive daily assessments where adjustments to their care plan can be made as determined by their clinical team.

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