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Are there anxiety meds that can be taken with Suboxone

Suboxone is a popular medication used in the treatment of opioid addiction. Often used during medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as an FDA-approved drug, Suboxone helps manage drug cravings and reduces withdrawal symptoms. A common symptom of opioid use is anxiety. Even when taking opioids as prescribed, anxiety can occur. The severity of anxiety depends on factors such as the type of opioid taken, the number of opioids taken and the length of time opioids have been taken.

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Social Media and Addiction

Digital and social media platforms continue to grow and become the most popular forms of communication among adolescents and young adults. The ease of accessibility has created a dangerous breeding ground for the exposure of young people to drugs, alcohol and other mind-altering substances. The young adult population is uniquely vulnerable to the effects and influence of social media.


Meds for Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol use disorder affects over 76 million people worldwide. Comprehensive treatments that include medication management can be a vital factor in helping people recover from alcoholism. During the initial detox process, many patients experience symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. A common method for targeting withdrawal symptoms includes medication-assistance treatment (MAT).


The State of Addiction in Native American Communities

The increase in drug and alcohol-related deaths among Native American Indians and Alaskan Natives (AIAN) has been on a steady increase for decades. An increase in opioid abuse in youth AIAN members is especially alarming. There are an estimated two million people from the AIAN community living across the U.S. Within that two million, there are about 300 different tribes and language groups.


What is IOP

In a behavioral health setting, outpatient programming offers a mixture of rigorous therapeutic treatments and unique social services. The transition back into a daily routine outside of a safe, structured and controlled environment can be daunting and difficult. Exposure to potentially triggering emotions and events can lead people back into old habits associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Outpatient treatment programs help people during their transition into life away from mind-altering substances.

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Black Out Drinking

With the rise in alcohol abuse due to the pandemic, alcohol-induced blackouts or black out drinking has also increased. In fact, drinking until the point of blacking out has become increasingly popular. This alarming trend has become especially widespread among college students and young adults. 


Eating Disorders and Addiction

Eating disorders and addiction often go hand in hand. In fact, eating disorders are commonly seen as conditions that present alongside a substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD). Only with concurrent treatment of both disorders, does a person have a higher chance of lifelong recovery.


What is NAD Treatment for Addiction

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) therapy is showing promising results as an effective treatment for alcohol and substance addiction. In the behavioral health system, traditional treatment methods for drug and alcohol addiction include medication-assisted treatments (MAT) and psychiatric therapies.


Substance Addiction in Senior Adults

When it comes to substance use disorders, almost 1 million adults ages 65 and older suffer from an addiction to alcohol or prescription medications, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). According to data from the Health and Human Services Department, in 2020 more than 800,000 seniors suffered from drug addiction and 2.7 million seniors suffer from alcohol addiction.