Career Resource Program

At Hotel California by the Sea, we are the first stepping-stone in our client’s recovery process; we are their bridge back to life. When our clients come into our care, they have often been in the grips of their addiction for a very long time and their lives have become unmanageable. Many of our clients have ruined all of their relationships, failed academically and professionally, lost many jobs or can’t find a job, blame the world for their problems, and wonder why they can’t seem to move forward. It doesn’t take very long for our clients to recognize the common denominator in all of their problems, their addiction.

Teaching our clients how to have success in their recovery is only the beginning of what we do at Hotel California by the Sea. From the second our clients join our program, they are a part of our family and we work endlessly to help our clients achieve their goals. We deeply believe in the power of goal setting because goals give purpose and purpose gives one a reason to wake up in the morning. To find out, in detail, what our client’s goals consist of, we work side-by-side with our clients on a weekly basis through our Career Resource Program. Our Career Resource Program was designed to equip our clients with the personal and professional life-skills and knowledge necessary for them to succeed in their recovery and in their personal and professional lives. Within our Career Resource Program, we offer a wide range of other “mini” programs that have been designed to specifically meet our client’s individual needs. Each of these programs are offered on a voluntary basis as designated through approval by an individual client’s clinical team.

College Program

Hotel California by the Sea’s College Program is designed specifically for clients who wish to engage in higher learning while continuing aftercare treatment. Either through vocational programs, junior college, or in a university setting, our College Program assists with the enrollment process, transfer of existing credits, assignments due for classes, study groups, transportation, and educational planning for future course loads in order to provide a full continuum of support and assistance. We also offer tutoring and homework assistance.

Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills Program is designed with the young adult demographic in mind to focus upon the enhancement and development of life skills-based practices. This program helps young adult clients learn essential life skills to help them on the next phase of their recovery. Topics we focus on include financial literacy, budgeting, organizational skills, planning/scheduling, and resume building amongst others. We host monthly workshops that specifically address each of the different topics mentioned above.

Job Placement Program

Similar to our Life Skills Program, our Job Placement Program has been exclusively created for clients who are interested in working locally once their clinical team has deemed it appropriate for them to do so. Clients involved in this program focus specifically on finding employment in a field that peaks their interest. By assessing our clients strengths, passions, and interests, our goal is to help our clients find potential job opportunities they are passionate about. We assist in resume building and mock interviews. We also advise our clients on what to wear to their interviews, and educate all of our clients on the do’s and dont’s of interviewing. By equipping our clients with all of these skills, our goal is to prepare our clients and set them up for success as they join the workforce.

Through all of our “mini” programs within our Career Resource Program, we work side-by-side with our clients to assist in everything from tutoring, registering for classes, applying for student financial-aid, job search, resume building, job and mentorship placement, mock interviews, volunteer opportunities and 12-step recovery support and fellowship.

Access to our Career Resource Program is extended beyond our clients’ stay with us. Once our clients become alumni, they are welcome to come and use any of the resources that our program offers. No matter what stage of life our clients or alumni are in, we will use all of our resources to help guide them in the right direction so that they can achieve not one, but all of their goals in life. At Hotel California by the Sea, we truly believe in translating one’s success in recovery to success in everyday life. After all, we are only but a bridge back to life and we take pride in facilitating, what we believe to be, the most impactful, and life changing crossing one will take in their lifetime.

Career Resource Center

Our Career Resource Center is the heart of our Career Resource Program as it is where all of the magic takes place. It is where our clients discover what they are passionate about, it is where our clients hit “send” on a job application for the very first time and it is where our clients become passionate about their education again. Our Career Resource Center is a safe haven where clients are welcomed with open arms and are able to receive the support and resources they need to truly change the course of their lives forever.

Our alumni coordinators are scheduled everyday at our Career Center to help our clients with anything they need help with ranging from job placement to resume building to class registration. Whatever it is that our client needs help with, we will use all of our resources to assist them as best as we can on a daily basis.

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