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At Hotel California By The Sea, we design an individualized treatment plan to guide your recovery process. To achieve long-term sobriety, we understand that it isn’t necessarily enough to simply find the coping skills needed to refuse the urge to use again. It is also not always enough to attend group therapy or 1-on-1 cognitive behavioral therapy.

All of these therapeutic models and treatment modalities are the necessary pieces of a more substantial motive: sustainable recovery. However, there is also the need to truly get back to your life, realign with your goals, and rebuild your future. This is where our one-of-a-kind Career Resources Program can help you.

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Putting The Pieces Back Together

Hotel California By The Sea understands that, at the entry of our inpatient rehab center, you may feel your life is in ultimate disarray. We also know that a large portion of someone’s identity centers around the career that they choose to do for a living (we know it is for us!). During addiction, people tend to suffer financial consequences and career losses. HCBTS knows that part of a client’s recovery is gaining this part of their life back.

Your substance use disorder may have significantly damaged your professional career and your employment status. Hotel California By The Sea understands all of these issues, and we are not here to address them. We’ll give you coping skills and help you create a solid plan to rebuild your future and return to a healthy, positive, and productive life.

There’s a chance that, before treatment, your relationships have either faltered or totally fallen apart. Maybe you’ve dropped out of college, abandoned your career, or lost your job. You might be suffering from legal issues, too, discouraging your self-confidence and second-guessing your capabilities.

The Hotel California By The Sea Career Resources Program welcomes you into our family. We work together to assist you in setting goals for yourself and help you follow through in achieving those goals. Goal-setting is a potent tool used here at HCBTS. It gives your purpose, a reason to stay motivated, a way to be accountable, and your personal recipe for success. Together, we will help you plan for success in your recovery, your personal life, and your professional life. 

Individualized Career Resources Program

Our Career Resources Program is far from a one-size-fits-all strategy. More specifically, it consists of many smaller programs and strategies, designed specifically with you in mind. Offered voluntarily and developed through your individual clinical recovery team’s guidance, these applications and programs will be scaffolded through a “one step at a time” approach.

Together we will plan and then implement tangible procedures that will help you gain life skills and the knowledge to succeed in your professional life. This may involve attending vocational programs, applying for college, or finding a new job. We will provide you with accountability, provide you with feedback, and offer suggestions for continued progress. We will assist you in achieving the career goals that we created together.

Why The Career Resources Program Matters:

  • Accountability
  • Career-specific feedback
  • Assistance with creating resumes
  • Stress management in the professional world
  • Goal-setting
  • Vocational and professional skill development

College Program

There are many facets to Hotel California By The Sea’s Career Resources Program. One is its College Program. At Hotel California By The Sea, we have designed this program for clients to commit to higher learning. Maybe someone has already started college, but their substance use disorder has gotten in the way. Or, perhaps a client has decided that he or she needs academics to enhance his or her professional future.

Our College Program will help clients enroll a client in a vocational program, junior college, or university. Hotel California By The Sea can help with transferring existing credits, turning in assignments for currently enrolled classes, creating study groups to help with the learning process, finding transportation, and planning an educational program for the future. HCBTS can help clients with their tutoring and homework help as well. At Hotel California By The Sea, we offer a full continuum of support and assistance to ensure future professional success.

Life Skills Program

Another vital piece of the Career Resources Program is Hotel California By The Sea’s Life Skills Program.

Designed with the young adult in mind, this portion of our Career Resources Program focuses on recognizing where someone is missing specific life skills, creating a plan for them to gain these skills, and then working to enhance and develop the life skills you need.

Some of the topics we focus on in our Life Skills Program are:

  • Financial literacy.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Budgeting and tracking monthly income and expenses.
  • Planning and scheduling events in your daily life.
  • Balancing priorities with social and recreational time.
  • Building a resume.

Through monthly meetings, we will work with you to develop and then improve the life skills that you have identified as necessary in helping you succeed with your future.

In turn, these life skills can help clients cope with future stressors in the workplace that may have previously driven them to want to use drugs or drink. Inadvertently, the Life Skills Program at Hotel California by the Sea may help clients avoid cravings for their drug of choice and commit to living a new, well-rounded, and functional lifestyle. Practice makes perfect!

Job Placement Program

Yet another essential aspect of Hotel California By The Sea’s Career Resources Program is our Job Placement Program. Like our Life Skills Program, our Job Placement Program exists for clients who are interested in working locally in the Orange County, California, area. Once our individual addiction recovery team deems it appropriate that you find employment or transition to a lower level of care after inpatient rehab, we will help you search for employment in a field that interests you.

Through assessments created to help you realize your passions, interests, and strengths, we will help you find job opportunities, mock interviews to improve your chances for employment and help you build resumes tailored to your skills and goals.

Additionally, we will coach you on what to wear to an interview, we will review interviewing do’s and don’ts, and we will assist you in gaining the confidence and knowledge needed to land that southern California job for which you have been looking. Through the acquisition of all of these skills, you will be much more prepared for a successful workforce entry than before you arrived at Hotel California By The Sea.

Career Resources Program

Hotel California By The Sea’s lifelong commitment to our clients resonates in our Career Resources Program. Working side-by-side with each client, assisting with everything from tutoring, academic and vocational class registration, financial aid applications, resume building, job searches, and mentorship placement, HCBTS’s assistance does not end at our recovery center’s exit door. We also welcome our alumni to come and use any of the resources offered here at Hotel California By The Sea.

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We will utilize all our resources to help guide current and past clients in the right direction so that they will have continued success for every goal in life they have set. Our belief is not only in success in recovery, but also in succes in everyday life. This just shows that Hotel California By The Sea cares not only about your recovery time while in-house with us, but also about the rest of your life.

Our Career Resource Center, which is the heart of our Career Resources Program, is where clients have the opportunity to discover their new passions, rediscover old professional passions, make plans for their future, set goals, and then follow through in achieving them. Don’t hesitate to call on Hotel California By the Sea today, to find the perfect addiction recovery program and the key to your future.

Just like in the case of committing to getting sober, committing to build your professional life is a promise to yourself and your betterment. Let Hotel California by the Sea’s staff help you do that.

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