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Career Resources Program

Hotel California by the Sea aims to make the transition from outpatient rehab to regular life smooth and stress-free. We believe providing resources and assisting individuals in making life changes is crucial for success after treatment.

Within Hotel California by the Sea’s outpatient alcohol and drug rehab center is the Career Resource Center. This is the heart of our Career Resources Program. This space is where individuals can focus on developing the best plan for their future after outpatient rehab. We take pride in aiding our patients achieve their professional goals included within their individual treatment plans. 

Individuals have an opportunity to move past negative emotions through intensive work throughout inpatient and outpatient rehab. These emotions may have prevented them from taking beneficial steps in their personal and professional lives.

Individuals in the early sobriety at a drug rehab center can feel overwhelmed by the idea of “starting over.” Our certified counselors and licensed clinical professionals work with each individual. They help them throughout the process of rebuilding their lives free of drugs and alcohol.


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Professional Substance Abuse Counseling

Patients begin transitioning back into the real world as they step down in levels of care. At Hotel California by the Sea, we offer continuing recovery services. These include career planning assistance to help patients plan and build new professional goals for life after intensive rehab. Every patient accessing services from the Career Resource Program will have the chance to receive professional substance abuse counseling.

Some of the consequences of substance use disorder includes a negative negatively impact to professional and educational paths. Returning to the professional world can be stressful and may initially be difficult for patients newly in recovery.

Certified counselors, licensed therapists and mentors work closely with individuals on the goals patients set for themselves. These goals are determined at the start of their stay in our inpatient alcohol and drug rehab program. Hotel California by the Sea aims for each patient to return to a productive, healthy, motivated, and hopeful life.

College and Education Services

Our teen and young adult patients in our substance abuse rehab program may aspire to pursue higher education. Substance use disorder can derail the dreams and aspirations of many individuals. We inspire our patients to overcome their addictions and live the life they’ve always wanted to.

Our drug and alcohol rehab programs assign every patient a licensed case manager upon entry. Our professionals assist the patient throughout the duration of their time in treatment. This case manager becomes the patient’s personal advocate. They guide them through the recommended therapies and the various aftercare services available to them.

Certified drug and alcohol counselors also assist in the enrollment process to vocational programs or higher education institutes. If applicable, patients will also receive assistance in transferring credits from one institution to another. We’ll assist them in finding the best transportation for schooling. We offer guidance on managing their time effectively for their educational goals.

Life Skills Program

Transitioning back into the professional world after intense substance rehab treatment can be a daunting and stressful process. Patients may feel unprepared and inadequate in the life skills needed to be successful in their future. The services we offer in our Life Skills Program are intended to encourage psychological and physical wellbeing. We help our patients make decisions that have a positive impact on their lives.

Participants in this program engage in group and individual therapies specifically for developing effective communication skills. Here they develop comprehensive decision making capabilities, and learn how to effectively manage their emotions. 

Topics that may be covered in the Life Skills Program include:

  • Financial literacy
  • Organizational skills
  • Budgeting and tracking monthly income and expenses
  • Time management and work life balance 
  • Coping skills
  • Food health and nutrition
  • Conflict resolution

We assist with Job Placement Services

A patient’s clinical team may deem it appropriate to re-enter into the workforce while in outpatient rehab. They can continue programming at our drug and alcohol rehab center.

Re-entering back into the professional workforce can be a daunting task for many newly recovered patients. We offer various services to patients in need of assistance getting started on their professional journey. Certified addiction counselors will work with patients and assist them in finding employment suitable for them during their recovery. 

Career and Professional Resource Services

At Hotel California by the Sea, our Career Resources Program is for clients participating in outpatient substance abuse treatment. Certified substance abuse counselors will work closely with patients. They focus on patient’s elected areas of interest related to their personal and professional goals.

The program’s areas of specialty include:

  • Assistance with the employment application process
  • Resume building
  • Interview preparation/etiquette
  • Assistance in developing professional communication skills.

Patients with goals of continuing their education have many options. Our Career Resources Program assists in services with applying to educational institutions, technical/vocational institutes and applying for financial aid. 

Benefits of the Career Resources Program:

  • Accountability 
  • Career-specific feedback
  • Stress management in the professional world
  • Goal Setting 
  • Vocational and professional skill development 

Professionals at Hotel California by the Sea’s outpatient rehab strive to ensure every individual has a brighter future. Alumni clients are encouraged to keep using the resources in our alcohol and drug rehab center’s Career Resource Program. We’re proud to continue supporting individuals even after they complete their outpatient rehab treatment.

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Patients in outpatient programs at Hotel California by the Sea can access services from the career resources program. Certified addiction counselors are available to patients needing extra assistance on their journey to a professional or educational career. Contact our admissions team to learn how these aftercare services can help you build a drug and alcohol-free future.

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