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Hotel California by the Sea is a world-renowned treatment center located in Newport Beach, California that has helped thousands of clients recover from drug and alcohol addiction. We help clients suffering from substance abuse recover from their drug of choice and live a clean and sober lifestyle.

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The United States faces an ever-growing epidemic of substance abuse that only continues to skyrocket year after year, breaking previous records each time. But there is help available. With more than 14,000 licensed drug treatment centers in the United States alone, men, women, and young adults facing substance use disorder recovery have many facilities from which to choose. 

So what would make you want to come to Hotel California by the Sea in Southern California? Read on to learn our difference.

It’s our Personal Approach to Addiction

Hotel California by the Sea in Orange County, California, houses an award-winning and compassionate team of staff members that serve clients through evidence-based treatments. Hotel California by the Sea also offers additional therapeutic modalities for those with co-occurring mental health issues.

As leaders in the addiction treatment industry, we also understand an outstanding amount about our clients and their addictions.

  • We understand brain function and how it relates to addiction.
  • We understand addiction and how it affects brain function.
  • We recognize the need for unique and individualized treatment plans.
  • We treat many clients, but always are focused on the individual.
  • We are invested in your recovery – personally

Our staff feels directly committed to your recovery and to helping you reach a full and successful sobriety. We celebrate your victories with you, we suffer your setbacks with you, and w

e share the hope and faith we have in your personal recovery.

Variety of Inpatient and Outpatient Treatments for Addiction

Experts know that the best outcomes for alcohol and drug addiction happen when an individual is able to devote at least 3 months to an addiction recovery facility.

Hotel California by the Sea offers withdrawal management, detoxification services, and programs that take place in inpatient and outpatient settings. This allows clients the ability to adequately choose the course of treatment that fits their situation.

We want to help our clients end their substance abuse and return back into society as a productive and happy citizen.

Detox Services

Often the first phase of treatment involves what is known as drug detoxification and the management of drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Medical detoxification is sometimes necessary to properly assist a drug or alcohol addict in initially abstaining from their addictive substance. Additionally, medical therapy can help clients handle the sometimes-intense withdrawal symptoms that can occur during the first stages of abstinence.  Medical therapy can also begin in order to start treating other diagnosed mental health disorders.

To help clients every step of the way, Hotel California by the Sea offers treatment delivery in a short-term residential setting, a long-term residential setting, transitional housing, as well as outpatient programs and after care programs.

Residential Treatment

In our long-term residential treatment setting, we provide 24/7 care and surveillance to clients. Other residents and our staff work together as a community to create an encouraging and sober social environment.

HCBTS offers many activities specifically designed to help clients transform their self-image, recognize and diminish destructive behaviors, find new and productive ways to cope with life’s ups and downs, and deal gracefully with the intricacies of relationships

Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient programs for addiction provide an impeccable step-down from residential treatment. These programs, their durations, and their focuses, again, are differentiated based on each client’s specific needs. 

Often, many of our clients may be ready to leave our main facility, but still need to be close to us so they can continue their lower levels of treatment recovery. Thus, many may choose to utilize our transitional housing [LINK] as a stepping stone toward a more successful recovery from substance abuse. Transitional housing is close to our treatment center, allowing clients to move steadily towards an independent and sober life.

Wide Range of Treatments and Therapies Available at HCBTS

Recovery plans offered by Hotel California by the Sea include behavioral therapies in individual, family, and group settings. These programs allow our therapists to work with our clients on changing their thought processes and reactions, providing incentives for abstinence, learning coping skills to remain sober and clean, finding purposeful and constructive activities, developing new problem-solving skills, working on personal relationships, and finding a lifelong support network.

At HCBTS, we specialize in dual diagnosis.  This means that we know the importance of addressing an individual’s substance disorder as well as any other possible underlying mental health disorders.  Many of our clients often have substance use and a mental health disorder together.

We have experts on staff who are specialists in the use of medical therapy in combination with other therapies and counseling, as an integral part of treatment for many of our clients.

Hotel California by the Sea ensures ongoing assessment of each client, to assure proper treatment progression, and to address and make any modifications to the treatment plan that are necessary.

Depending on the client’s situation, we may work with them on accountability, using drug monitoring as a recovery tool.

We Treat The Whole Person

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We treat men, women, and young adults.  Not only do we work on substance abuse with our clients, but we also help each client attend to any social, legal, medical, psychological, vocational, or relationship struggles. 

We offer programs and strategies to keep patients engaged in their recovery, even long after they leave our facility.  We vary treatment options based on the patient, pairing treatment modalities and services to each patient’s needs.

Our treatment programs also include medical testing for diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis, COVID-19, as well as other infectious diseases.  In this way, we can offer clients medical treatment for drug-related infectious diseases when needed.

Unique Family Program

Hotel California by the Sea can help with interventions for potential clients.  Although this type of help may seem harsh to the inexperienced, it often more deeply motivates a client to remain in recovery and to be more dedicated to a successful treatment outcome.

Our main focus is on our client’s individual therapy.  But we never ignore the needs and importance of family and loved ones.  That is why Hotel California by the Sea in Newport Beach, California, offers a unique and carefully-designed monthly Family Program for those who are close to the person suffering from addiction.

Hotel California by the Sea can help clients with how they interact with their loved ones. By wading through the intricacies of relationships and learning how loved ones help or harm each other, we can assist in making these relationships more positive and supportive.

Our experienced therapists will work with you and your loved ones to restore bonds and establish new boundaries so that everyone will be able to have more appropriate interactions, as well as feel they can coexist in a secure and positive manner.

Hotel California by the Sea understands the importance of the family unit. It is their support and guidance that can help someone succeed when they otherwise might have failed on their own.  And we know how to also work with loved ones to keep recovery on a progressive path, instead of leading to a derailment.

Career, College, Life Skills, and Job Placement Programs

Being an addict not only can put a dent in your health and well-being. However, it may also lead to financial ruin, missed opportunities for learning valuable life skills, and a damaged career. 

Perhaps you had to drop out of college, abandon your career, or quit your job.  At Hotel California by the Sea, we want to help our clients regain these parts of their lives while they recover from substance use disorders. We can give you the coping skills and assistance you need to rebuild your future and return to society as a productive and happy person.

This program is voluntary and you, along with your clinical recovery team’s guidance, choose the applications and programs that will guide you, one step at a time, toward your goals.

Recovering Your Career

Hotel California by the Sea’s Career Resources Program works with you to set professional goals and follow through with those goals. Goal-setting gives you a tangible plan that will all lead you toward your personal success.

Let HCBTS work with you to plan a successful recovery and return to an enjoyable personal life that could include the entrance into a fulfilling profession.

This may involve you attending a vocational program, or applying to colleges, or maybe you will work on how to search and interview for a new job.

Our Career Resources Program provides you with accountability, tools to manage stress in the workplace, specific career advice, assistance in developing your resume, setting goals, and vocational and professional skill development.

Life Skills Program

HCBTS also offers a voluntary Life Skills program aimed at young adults. In our Life Skills Program, you can learn about:

  • Financial literacy.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Budgeting income and expenses.
  • Planning and scheduling your daily life.
  • Balancing priorities with social engagements and recreation.
  • Building your resume.

College Program

Are you still in college or wish to enter college? Hotel California by the Sea designed our College Program for clients with you in mind.

Many people who enter our drug and alcohol treatment center want to commit themselves to pursuing higher education. Whether you have already begun college or this is your first time, Hotel California by the Sea’s College Program will help you enroll in a vocational program, a junior college, or a university.

We can support recovering college students in our program by:

  • Helping you transfer existing credits to a new institution.
  • Providing you with career assessments that may help you choose a major.
  • Helping you complete assignments for currently enrolled classes.
  • Assisting you in finding study groups to help you with the learning process.
  • Finding transportation to and from your educational institution.
  • Planning an educational program with you for your future.

Job Placement

For clients looking for employment in the Southern California area, our Job Placement Program can help.

Once our addiction recovery team feels you are ready to seek employment, we can help you search for a job in a field you are interested in. We have created assessments to help you discover your passions, strengths, and interests. We can help you conduct mock interviews and create eye-catching resumes to enhance your chances of landing that job.

Unbeatable Location

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Hotel California by the Sea’s flagship location is set in the stunning and world-famous Newport Beach, California. Newport Beach, CA is a recovery hub with boundless personal and professional opportunities for sober people.

Chat with one of our caring admission specialists today. We are ready today to help potential clients in need, offering immediate admittance and assessment, hope and the promise of a better tomorrow for you

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