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Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Women

Women often face unique challenges while recovering from drugs and alcohol. Gender-specific rehab for women understands the difficult challenges women encounter and customize programs centered on treating those needs. At Hotel California by the Sea, women will receive specialized care for substance abuse disorder in our state-licensed and accredited alcohol and drug rehab facilities for women.

Patients will recover alongside others who are striving for abstinence and comprehensive healing in a program where women can feel safe without negative societal pressures. 


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Through gender-specific therapies and an experienced team of addiction specialists, Hotel California by the Sea’s drug rehab facility for women will help you face your drug and alcohol abuse issues in a supportive and intensive environment.

Hotel California by the Sea’s Women’s Rehab Program

With over 25 years of experience in treating substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental illnesses in female clients, Hotel California by the Sea understands what you need to recover from addiction as a woman. Our female-specific residential treatment program creates an atmosphere of complete acceptance and helps women reclaim their lives one day at a time.

Our inpatient rehab for women is a close-knit community of recovering females consisting of two modern private homes in the heart of Southern California. At our women’s drug rehab program we will help you discover your personal potential to ultimately heal from drug and alcohol addiction.

Women’s Rehab Program

Our women-specific drug and alcohol rehab aims to focus on addiction, trauma and other co-occurring mental disorders. Though both genders experience dual afflictions of addiction and trauma, studies have shown women tend to experience them more frequently compared to men. A clinical team is assigned to each patient in residential treatment where they will receive psychiatric assessments and individualized therapy for mental disorders commonly found in women suffering from addiction. These diagnoses may include PTSD, trauma, depression and anxiety, eating disorders and borderline personality disorder.   

Females in our rehab program receive one-on-one individual psychotherapy sessions such as CBT and EMDR, two case management sessions per week to assess the women’s mental well-being and personalized nutritionally tailored meals throughout the duration of their stay in rehab. 

Unique Features of our Women’s Rehab Facility

At Hotel California by the Sea, our women’s residential setting is located in beautiful Orange County, California. The relaxing environment and attentive clinical staff provide a safe, secure and structured atmosphere for women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. It is conveniently located near alcohol and substance recovery support groups.  

Our Sandy residential home is located in one of Orange County’s desirable neighborhoods and features a personal and intimate feel where patients are given the individual attention they need. The program is staffed with female clinicians to further ensure that our patients feel safe and comfortable for the duration of their treatment. It is important for women to completely immerse themselves in treatment therapies in order to achieve and maintain sobriety. 

One of the main focuses of treatment at our women’s rehab is on trauma related issues. Statistically, more women enter rehab with trauma related mental health issues than men. Because of this, our programs are tailored specifically to addressing, understanding and treating these dual diagnosis disorders as a part of the patient’s addiction recovery. 

What does Substance Use Disorder look like in Women?

In drug and alcohol addiction, studies have shown that women are less likely to seek treatment due to a number of various factors. Women generally face more negative stigma associated with their addiction. Women are more likely to keep their addictions secret. The social pressures and high scrutiny of the “female role” often contribute to downplaying the severity of their addiction. As a result, it becomes more difficult for women to recognize they actually have a problem. Female patients also must take into consideration other commitments and responsibilities such as child care.

Traditionally women are associated with child rearing and sometimes much of the responsibilities fall on to them. Being unable to maintain these obligations to the family is seen by society as careless. In such cases, seeking out addiction treatment falls behind on the list of priorities. Tending to their families along with trying to juggle a career is seen as more important than any form of self-care. Relationships, trauma and family or home situations have a much greater impact on a woman’s decision to use drugs as well as her decision to seek treatment.

Biologically speaking, women who are physically smaller are more prone to developing an addiction despite consuming drugs and alcohol in smaller amounts. Their bodies contain more fat and less water volume that is able to dilute alcohol and other substances. Therefore, women develop addictions at a rate much faster and on smaller amounts of alcohol. Women are also more likely to suffer from substance abuse side effects such as a higher risk for liver damage, breast cancer and relapse. These addiction factors unique to women are specifically addressed in female-tailored treatment programs. 

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Rehab for Women: Levels of Care

Rehab for women must be as dynamic as addiction itself for a woman to achieve sobriety. From detoxification to residential rehab to intensive outpatient services, Hotel California by the Sea’s drug rehab facility accommodates a large variety of treatment needs. Especially addressing unique issues women typically face when struggling with addiction and recovery. Upon entry, a medical physician and clinical team will assess each patient on unique criteria and register them in the appropriate rehab program. Hotel California by the Sea’s rehab for women offers multiple levels of care to address each stage of a client’s recovery.

Medical Detoxification For Women

In this level of care, female patients are monitored 24/7 where they are carefully prescribed medications and intense counseling in our Incidental Medical Services (IMS) certified facilities. Daily assessments from medical physicians and nurses help determine the health status of each patient. Because women tend to suffer from more severe side effects from substance abuse, clinicians take extra precautions during detox, including the usage of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help prevent future possibilities of relapsing. A trait very commonly found in female patients. 

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab For Women

In residential rehab, female patients will live in a medically managed environment under 24-hour supervision with program length varying from patient to patient. Women reside in a home-like environment as they begin a new process of healing after the initial detox. This program focuses on treating the psychological aspects of an individual’s addiction through various cognitive behavioral therapies and regular one-on-one sessions with psychiatrists to determine the health and well-being of the patient. Our female rehab heavily focuses on treating trauma-related substance abuse disorders as females are more likely to experience mental disorders alongside their addiction. 

Partial Hospitalization Program For Women

The purpose of the PHP is to provide our female patients with a safety net of extra support while they begin dealing with the daily stressors of life outside of rehab. In this level of care, women begin practicing more independence in their sobriety journey. They will continue a daytime substance abuse disorder program for women and transition to a sober living home or their own home. At Hotel California by the Sea, patients are highly encouraged and often recommended by their rehab clinical team, to continue participation in outpatient care therapies and services.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment For Women

Intensive outpatient begins once your treatment team decides it’s time to phase out of PHP. This “step down” is a huge sign of progress in Hotel California by the Sea’s rehab for women program. Once our female patients reach this program, they’ve started planning with one of our case managers about how to properly manage to leave treatment.

While still concentrating on substance abuse treatment, at IOP level of care, a comprehensive treatment and discharge plan is created based on your personal goals. These goals may include returning to your family, starting a new career, or enrolling in school. This plan will also incorporate establishing a therapist, identifying convenient addiction recovery support programs to attend, and making sure our female patients have established a solid support group.

Aftercare For Women

Aftercare is a carefully formulated plan to support patients throughout the rest of their recovery after graduating from intensive treatment programs. Aftercare plans may include participating in physical activities, addiction recovery support programs, career services programs and attending individual counseling sessions. 

Hotel California by the Sea also offers an alumni program. In the alumni program, participants are encouraged to attend an addiction recovery support group with former patients who have completed our rehab programs. Alumni share their experiences, give support and serve as a mentor-like figure. You don’t have to recover alone. There is a community waiting to support and help you, every step of the way. 

Evidence-Based approaches for Women’s Addiction Treatment

Rehab for women takes a unique approach in addressing the root causes of drug and alcohol addiction. At our women’’s rehab facilities, various types of treatments including therapies and recovery support programs have been proven methods in helping patients throughout their addiction recovery. Medical physicians and psychiatrists will work with patients to focus on understanding the underlying causes of their addiction and create an effective treatment plan to maintain long-term abstinence. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) For Women

With CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), women learn to recognize how to effectively change their negative psychological patterns and thoughts into positive behaviors. Patients are taught to recognize the negative and unhelpful ways of thinking, how they can be reevaluated, and implementing effective problem solving skills to deal with difficult situations.  CBT is the go-to therapeutic treatment for women who struggle with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and many more mental disorders simultaneously affecting women with addiction. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) For Women

DBT (Dialectical behavior therapy) targets emotional dysregulation in people with personality disorders, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses that affect cognitive stability. DBT uses a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapy to help patients manage their emotional responses and thoughts related to their addiction and other mental health issues. Because women are at higher risk of developing co-occurring mental disorders, DBT is especially helpful in providing females with tangible coping mechanisms for overwhelming emotions of any kind. 

Family Therapy For Women

Family therapy sessions allow the patient and their loved ones to understand, communicate and sort out differences and issues related to the addiction in a safe and unbiased environment. Treatment that integrates the patient and their personal network of loved ones proves more successful than individual therapy alone. The more people that support a recovering addict, the better chance she has at lasting sobriety. 

Group Therapy For Women

Group therapy is led by Hotel California by the Sea’s medical and psychological clinicians. Our group therapy sessions encourage vulnerability, prompting women to realize they aren’t as different from others as their addiction once led them to believe. Being vulnerable amongst a supportive community is the key to eliminating guilt and shame. The two major root causes of addiction and relapse among women suffering from a substance abuse disorder. 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) For Women

In EMDR, patients learn to reprocess negative trauma memories related to their addiction while they simultaneously experience bilateral stimulation to reduce the intensity of the emotion associated with their trauma. In women’s drug rehab facilities trauma is one of many major factors in women’s addiction treatment. Eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy is highly effective in helping women cope with their trauma and co-occurring mental disorders such as PTSD. 

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Benefits of Women only Rehab

Hotel California by the Sea’s rehab for women is equipped with the expertise necessary to help our clients heal from their addictions. Sandy’s Place, Hotel California by the Sea’s substance abuse treatment program for women, offers a strategic combination of medically managed treatments and intense therapies.

Research shows females tend to have a higher rate of trauma related to their addiction. Trauma includes childhood trauma as well as relationship and sexual trauma. If a woman has experienced trauma in relation to men, being in a treatment program that includes men can be very harmful for the patient. Being around only other female patients and even female clinical staff makes it easier for women to open up and fully immerse into the recovery program. These types of patients will often achieve higher success in female-oriented drug rehab facilities. 

Women are also often faced with stereotypical social pressure that makes it difficult to deal with their addictions. Women-only rehab programs will take into account these factors that are often overlooked at other treatment facilities because they were created traditionally based on men’s addiction issues. 

Women face unique obstacles that require separate attention and care. Rehab for women focuses solely on the specific obstacles many patients face and provide the necessary care, treatment and resources to achieve sobriety. 

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