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Customized Drug Rehab Center For Men, Women, and Young Adults

Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disorder that does not discriminate against anyone, despite their gender, social class, or age. At Hotel California by the Sea in our drug and alcohol rehab center, we provide care to men, women, and young adults. Each person who struggles with addiction is unique, and the treatment plan that may help a client can sometimes vary based on their gender, co-occurring mental health conditions, and life experiences. Our drug and alcohol rehab centers have developed carefully tailored programs for patients with separate treatments for men and women. We have gone even further in creating an age-specific drug rehab center for young adults suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. 


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These specialized drug rehab centers have many benefits to patients who may be suffering from the same addiction, but are in need of gender-targeted treatments. Women are known to suffer from addiction more internally through self-medication and trauma-related events. While men struggle with addiction often through societal pressures. 

Who do we Treat at Hotel California by the Sea?

Effective treatment for substance use disorders and alcohol use disorders focuses on various forms of addiction treatments including specialized treatment plans. Men, woman and young adults all struggle with addiction in unique ways and it is important to have programs targeted toward these specific age and gender groups. When it comes to crafting perfect treatment plans, who an addiction specialist treats matters more than what they’re treating. 

At Hotel California by The Sea, it is our mission to provide the best individualized and evidence-based addiction treatment for everyone. We help people of all ages and genders recover from addiction. Our Orange County, CA drug rehab center provides specialized treatment programs including men’s residential treatment rehab program, women’s residential addiction treatment program and a young adults rehab program.

Detox and Rehab for Men

Men’s drug and alcohol rehab programs are created specifically for men over the age of 30 and focus on the unique struggles men face when recovering from substance addiction. In the men’s specific program, patients are able to start building healthy habits, learn essential life skills and build confidence to overhaul their new lives free of drugs and alcohol. All patients are supported with the assistance of certified professionals and by participating in essential cognitive therapy programs

Substance abuse in men and women can differ immensely. Studies have shown that men are more prone to binge and heavy drinking compared to women. Men who are addicted to drugs or alcohol usually partake in riskier behaviors due to social pressures. Men can also be more prone to experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms compared to women. These specific factors are taken into consideration when creating a specialized treatment plan for male patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Detox and Rehab for Women

Women’s drug and alcohol rehab centers offer a safe and structured environment for females struggling with addiction, trauma and other co-occurring mental disorders. Studies have shown women are more likely to overdose on drugs than men. Women tend to experience more intense cravings compared to men. And women often enter into rehab with one or more co-occurring mental disorders stemming from trauma-related events in their lives. 

Specialized programs in the women’s alcohol rehab center include one on one psychotherapy sessions, individual trauma therapy sessions including EMDR, two case management sessions per week, and personalized nutritional consultations. The drug rehab center will treat all aspects of our female addiction recovery needs including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Rehab for Young Adults

For the young adults drug and alcohol rehab center, patients are treated through medical detox and various behavioral therapies. The specialized program aims to encourage positive life changes for personal and professional future growth. Many young adults seeking drug and alcohol rehab have certain root causes of their addiction. In young adult-focused programs, medically managed medications along with psychotherapies help these young patients process grief and loss, traumatic experiences and relationship and family issues. 

Young adult drug rehab centers offer career and educational resources. Young people’s lives are often halted once they enter into rehab. Once they have taken the necessary steps towards long-term recovery, they are eager to integrate back into society and are in need of services to assist in achieving their educational and career goals. Some of the services may include job searching assistance, interview training, interview and job etiquette training, and assistance in seeking financial aid for continuing education. 

Specialized Treatment Programs

Based on specific life experiences and challenges, Hotel California by the Sea’s drug and rehab center provides specialized inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment to individuals from all walks of life. We have dedicated treatment programs tailored specifically for male patients, female patients and young adult patients. Our treatment specialists, who are also certified drug and alcohol counselors, are assigned to each patient to ensure the best possible care plan. 

In our men’s program, patients are not only faced with overcoming addiction, but faced with the stresses of their careers, finances and other family obligations as well. Our drug rehab center is designed specifically for men to address any underlying causes of their addiction with the assistance of certified professionals to formulate a plan for recovery. 

Women face unique obstacles that require separate attention and care. Hotel California by the Sea’s rehab for women is equipped with the expertise necessary to help our clients heal from their addictions.  Our program housing is located in beautiful Orange County, CA with the luxuries of having easy access to 12-step meetings, various addiction recovery support groups and certified staff to assist in behavioral therapies and recovery services. 

Extra resources are available for our young adult patients at our alcohol and drug rehab center including weekly case management sessions, gym passes to encourage physical activity, nutritional and catered meals on site and individual therapy sessions with psychiatrists to assess the continuing needs of the patient.  By leading our young adult clients through age-specific therapies with other like-minded peers, we prepare them with the tools and knowledge they need to continue sober and happy lives. 

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Why Gender-Specific Programming works

Are gender specific programs effective in treating substance addiction in men and women? Traditionally, substance addiction programs models were generally based on treatment for men. Today, alcohol and substance abuse affects both men and women without discrimination. However, there are a few biological and psychological differences between men and women that should be taken into consideration when devising a successful treatment plan for each patient. 

Research shows females tend to have a higher rate of trauma related to their addiction. Trauma includes childhood trauma as well as relationship and sexual trauma. If a woman has experienced trauma in relation to men, being in a treatment program that includes men can be very harmful for the patient. These types of patients will often achieve higher success in a female oriented drug rehab center. 

Men and women respond better to addiction treatment when they are given custom, gender specific treatment care plans. Gender specific addiction treatment programs for men and women can yield positive results in the maintenance of long-term sobriety. 

The Differences in Drug and Alcohol Addiction between Men And Women

Drug and alcohol addiction affects both men and women. However, the reasons for developing their addiction, the effects of addiction, as well as the ways in which they seek out treatment, differ greatly. These factors stem from biological, psychological and societal and cultural differences. 

According to research, men are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol due to peer pressure. In general societal culture, men are most likely to experience pressure to drink alcohol as a “rite of passage” into manhood/adulthood or sometimes into a prestigious social group. This social issue is a very common factor among men, which can often lead to higher rates of binge drinking. Men are also more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol to increase positive moods and emotions. 

On the other hand, women tend to abuse drugs and alcohol based on more internal reasons related to psychological and emotional issues. Common issues include childhood trauma, eating disorders and co-occurring mental disorders. Research shows women are more likely than men to self-medicate and more often are dealing with a dual diagnosis. 

Biologically speaking, men generally tend to weigh more than women and have to consume larger amounts of drugs or alcohol in order for it to have an effect on them. Because of this, it takes longer for men to develop an addiction compared to women who are physically smaller and are more prone to developing an addiction despite consuming drugs and alcohol in smaller amounts. Their bodies contain more fat and less water volume that is able to dilute alcohol. Therefore, women develop addictions faster on smaller amounts of alcohol. Men generally also experience more intense withdrawal symptoms on account of the larger amounts of substances they have consumed while women are more likely to suffer from substance abuse side effects such as a higher risk for liver damage, breast cancer and relapse. 

In one aspect of addiction where both men and women seem to be the most comparable is the rate of abuse for prescription opioids. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 4 million women in the past year reported misuse of prescription pain medication (opioids). For men, it was about 5 million. Though men and women have been shown to use opioids at a similar rate, women develop a dependence on opioids much faster due to the heightened dopamine response in their brains. 

It is important to consider gender-specific programs when treating female patients in need of addiction recovery. Studies have shown that women are less likely to seek addiction treatment compared to men. This is for a number of reasons. Women generally face more negative stigma associated with their addiction. Women are more likely to keep their addictions secret because society generally downplays the severity of their addiction. This in turn, makes it more difficult for women to recognize they have a problem. Female patients also must take into consideration other commitments and responsibilities such as child care. In many cases, seeking out addiction treatment falls behind on the list of priorities. 

Another aspect of addiction between males and females that are somewhat comparable is the addition of co-occurring mental disorders associated with their drug and alcohol addiction. Both genders generally suffer from dual diagnosis disorders. However, women seem to face them more frequently. Mental health issues include:

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, women tend to develop substance abuse disorders more quickly compared to men. Relationships, trauma and family or home situations have a much greater impact on a woman’s decision to use drugs. In men, despite suffering from co-occurring mental disorders, there is a great sense of shame when dealing with those emotional issues. Men will be less likely to seek out treatment for those mental health issues related to their substance abuse.

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