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Hotel California by the Sea’s men’s addiction treatment in Orange County offers rehab that focuses specifically on treating men suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health diagnoses. At our drug rehab for men in Orange County, male clients are able to tackle their substance abuse problem with the support of certified professionals. Individuals partake in evidence-based therapies designed to promote lasting recovery and assist in uncovering the root causes of addiction. At our substance abuse treatment programs, men are able to start building healthy habits, essential life skills and the confidence to reintegrate into their lives without dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Men often have different needs when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The gender-focused drug rehab for men in Orange County helps build a community of like-minded peers to provide a safe and judgment free zone to heal. By creating an individualized treatment plan targeting their specific needs, male patients are better able to overcome their addiction and create a strong base for their recovery. 


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An Overview of our Drug Rehab for Men in Orange County

Attending a men’s addiction treatment in Orange County can equip men struggling with substance abuse with the support and skills needed to recover. Hotel California by the Sea’s drug rehab for men in Orange County offers programs for separate age groups: 

Each program is designed to target the needs of individuals both mentally and physically. Men participating in the treatment process develop an individualized treatment plan with their licensed therapist and certified addiction counselor to address their specific problems and set attainable recovery goals.

Young Men’s Rehab Program

Young adult men in substance addiction recovery face many challenges that can be addressed with age specific programs. Because their growth and development have been delayed by substance abuse, specifically tailored programs help patients get to the root cause and overcome their addiction. Factors such as continuing education, career and future goals, are all important elements implemented and addressed in the young men’s drug rehab facility. The drug rehab facility will assist young male patients with:

  • Managing time efficiently 
  • Managing their anxiety 
  • Addressing issues of trauma
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Managing feelings of anger or rage
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Impulse control

Mature Men’s Rehab Program

The adult men’s substance abuse program is targeted at men over the age of 30 facing drug and alcohol addiction. Men of this age often feel an overwhelming sense of pressure from their jobs, finances and sometimes, family obligations. These negative emotions have a high correlation to their addiction. Our inpatient men’s facility is designed to address and understand the underlying causes of their addiction through the assistance of certified physicians and rehab professionals. A comprehensive care plan including therapy and other addiction recovery services will be implemented. The drug rehab for men in Orange County aims to treat specific issues unique to males suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. 

Facility features at the Men’s Addiction Treatment in Orange County

At our men’s addiction treatment in Orange County, the safe and structured environment allows individuals to recover from their addictions with the support of professionals and fellow addiction recovery peers. At the inpatient and outpatient facilities, individuals can enjoy Southern California’s beaches, a bustling sober community and job opportunities that can be integrated into early recovery. The beautiful beach front property offers a sense of community for patients in recovery where they will receive individualized one-on-one sessions with the clinical team, weekly psychiatric assessments and access to addiction recovery therapies and services. 

Some of the features of the facilities for our men’s drug rehab include:

  • Private and semi-private suites
  • Patio area with smoking sections
  • Ocean views
  • BBQ grills
  • Private Chef
  • Catered nutritional meals
  • Two weekly case management and therapy sessions
  • Transportation to 12-step meetings and other group outings
  • Walking and biking distance to the beach, park and restaurants

Substance Use Disorder in Men

Though substance use disorder affects both men and women, men are much less likely to seek out addiction treatment. Social pressures, cultural stereotypes and stigma are all factors in how men recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Men who have addictions are often dealing with co-occurring mental disorders such as depression and anxiety and have a more difficult time addressing these emotional issues related to their addiction. Statistically, men are more likely to suffer with an addiction to drugs and alcohol compared to women. 

Binge and heavy drinking are more commonly found in men as well as the usage of addictive substances at an earlier age. Social and peer pressure play a huge factor in how and why men become addicted to illicit substances. They take drugs to fit in with their peers. They engage in risky behavior to be accepted into a certain social group. Those same social groups and social stereotypes hinder male acceptance to receive treatment for their addictions. 

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Levels of Care in Drug Rehab for Men in Orange County

Inpatient and outpatient treatment at the men’s rehab facility can increase the likelihood of maintaining abstinence from substances. Upon entering Hotel California by the Sea’s men’s addiction treatment in Orange County, individuals undergo an initial medical and psychological assessment by our medical professionals and addiction specialists. Clients are monitored throughout their treatment episode at the following levels of care:

Medical Detoxification For Men

Men going through detox and experiencing withdrawal symptoms are initially admitted into inpatient and medically managed intensive programs. In this level of care, patients are monitored 24/7 where they are carefully prescribed medications and intense counseling. Male patients will receive daily assessments from medical physicians and nurses to help determine their current health status. Because men tend to suffer from more severe withdrawal symptoms, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is often a form of pain management used to assist in substance detox. 

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab For Men

In this level of care, male patients will live in a medically managed environment under 24-hour supervision. The program length varies from patient to patient depending on the severity of their addiction. In RTC, patients are usually still very vulnerable to substance abuse relapse and need continued supervised care to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol. This program focuses on treating the psychological aspects of an individual’s addiction through various cognitive behavioral therapies and regular one-on-one sessions with psychiatrists who often diagnose co-occurring mental health disorders. 

Partial Hospitalization Program For Men

In this outpatient level of care, PHP works for men who have completed initial detox and have begun intensive therapy treatments. This program focuses on targeting and treating co-occurring mental health disorders many patients may be experiencing. Due to the stigma of men and mental health issues, they are less likely to seek out treatment addressing their emotional behaviors linked to their addiction. The stereotype of the masculine strong man who doesn’t need to evaluate his emotions is a toxic trait placed on many men. The outpatient facility will encourage men to safely and openly concentrate on the trauma and other psychological root causes related to drug and alcohol abuse. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment For Men

As patients move onto lower levels of care, they will continue with therapies and other additional support group programs as per the recommendation of their individual care plan. In IOP, men will usually spend about three hours per day in treatment while still being able to maintain other social responsibilities and commitments. Additional support will be offered through services such as family addiction support, career counseling and assistance in finding sober transitional housing. 

Aftercare For Men

Once patients have completed IOP, they move on to the lowest level of care. Aftercare is a carefully formulated plan to support patients throughout the rest of their recovery after completing intensive treatment programs. Aftercare plans may include physical activities, addiction support programs, and attending individual counseling sessions. 

At Hotel California by the Sea’s drug rehab for men in Orange County, when patients return home, assigned case managers will assist patients in locating appropriate local support groups and psychiatrists. Continuing addiction treatment therapies is key to maintaining long-term sobriety and living a healthy lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol.  

Patients whose careers and professional lives were disrupted on account of their addiction treatment are encouraged to utilize resources from the career resource center program. The program helps with general professional skills such as resume building, employment skill building, and practice with mock interviews. 

Hotel California by the Sea also offers an alumni program. In the alumni program, participants attend an addiction recovery support meeting with alumni who have completed our rehab programs. The alumni share their experiences, give support to current patients and serve as a mentor-like figure, often following up and checking in with patients. 

Evidence-Based approaches for Men’s Addiction Treatment in Orange County

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to treating those with a drug or alcohol addiction. At our men’s addiction treatment in Orange County, various types of treatments including therapies and addiction support programs have been proven methods in helping patients throughout their addiction recovery. Medical physicians and psychiatrists will work with patients to focus on the root causes of their addiction and create an effective treatment plan to maintain long-term abstinence. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) For Men

In CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), men learn to recognize and effectively change their psychological patterns and behaviors toward their addiction. One of the main principles of CBT is that an individual’s emotions, thoughts and behaviors are all interconnected and have a large impact on each other. By addressing the negative and destructive feelings and behaviors of addiction, patients will learn successful coping techniques to combat their substance and drug abuse. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) For Men

DBT (Dialectical behavior therapy) focuses on management of painful emotions through four key elements:

  • Mindfulness. When patients practice mindfulness, they are concentrating on improving their ability to be present in the current moment. 
  • Distress tolerance. This therapeutic element allows patients to increase their tolerance of negative emotions rather than trying to constantly avoid it. 
  • Emotion regulation. With this element, patients learn strategies to manage negative and intense emotions and even find ways to change them into more positive thoughts. 
  • Interpersonal effectiveness. When practicing interpersonal effectiveness, patients learn how to communicate with others in a respectful yet assertive manner in which they will still be able to maintain a healthy relationship.

Family Therapy For Men

Family therapy allows the patient and loved ones to understand, communicate and sort out differences and issues related to the addiction. In our rehab for men’s program, each patient will have access to family counseling sessions with their loved ones meant to address why and how to overcome any issues that have stemmed from alcohol and drug addiction. This allows for open communication and setting into place healthy boundaries for patients and family members. 

Group Therapy For Men

In Group Therapy, men are encouraged to share, engage and talk about their issues with the therapist and one another. By discussing their collective struggles, patients are able to create a sense of community within their group and gain a sense of empowerment to overcome their addictions through the support of fellow peers. Group sessions are conducted under a safe and structured environment where patients feel comfortable to be honest about the difficulties of their addiction and how they can move forward to overcome it. 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) For Men

With EMDR, patients learn to reprocess negative trauma memories related to their addiction. Patients are subjected to trauma memory while they simultaneously experience bilateral stimulation to reduce the intensity of the emotion associated with the specific memory. In men’s drug rehab facilities, EMDR has been proven highly effective to help patients with symptoms of PTSD and other co-occurring mental health disorders associated with their addiction.  


Benefits of Drug Rehab for Men in Orange County

As a result of societal pressures and stigma, it is often difficult for men to ask for help with a substance abuse problem. There is a social fear of being perceived as weak. Stereotypes around how men should handle emotions can be a barrier to those seeking treatment. In our drug rehab for men in Orange County, patients are able to focus on treatment without the added social pressures they normally face. Being in a program with other males facing similar issues, makes it easier to cope with knowing they are not alone and have support. 

Though there are similarities in the preferences of men and women regarding treatment for substance use disorder, statistically there are differences in how people respond to treatment when in a gender specific setting. Studies show that men have an increased probability of seeking treatment if the treatment available catered more to men’s preferences. Treatment at Hotel California by the Sea’s Men’s addiction treatment in Orange County includes therapy focused on men’s issues and men’s recovery. Seeking help with any problem, but especially with substance use disorder, is an act of courage. Men can overcome substance use disorder with the help of long-term treatment.

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