Sober Transitional Living in Orange County, CA


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Hotel California by the Sea offers clients an option to stay in one of our beautiful sober transitional living homes while participating in our outpatient treatment program for substance use disorders.

These transitional living homes exist as separate from our outpatient rehabilitation programs. However, they are also designed to work intricately in tandem with HCBTS’ outpatient programs. Hotel California by the Sea’s transitional living homes are the perfect option for current clients looking to live in a secure and stable environment while continuing lower levels of treatment at HCBTS.

Perks of Transitional Living Homes:

  • Ideal location in Southern California beach cities with robust employment networks.
  • Live in transitional living homes while continuing outpatient treatment with Hotel California by the Sea.
  • Establish a solid foundation for a new, sober lifestyle.
  • Remain in a highly structured and secured environment until you’re ready to transition completely out of our care.
  • Discover the beauty of close relationships in sobriety with your recovering housemates.
  • Make lifelong connections with like-minded peers.

Our specialized transitional living homes are offered exclusively to those attending one of our outpatient treatment programs. In other words, only those who attend Hotel California by the Sea’s outpatient program have the unique opportunity to stay in one of our transitional living homes.

To learn more about these state-of-the-art homes for people recovering from addiction in Southern California, read more below.

Sober Transitional Housing for Lower Levels of Addiction Care

A large portion of patients who attend our inpatient substance abuse treatment center in Orange County, California eventually transition to lower levels of care. As a client’s treatment duration continues, clients may choose to attend partial hospitalization treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, or outpatient treatment.

These levels of care that clients typically attend after detoxification or residential addiction treatment may increase their chances of staying sober. In outpatient treatment, transitional living with HCBTS is not mandatory. In our outpatient programs, a client may stay with their family, friends, live alone, or inhabit a type of transitional home, such as a sober living.

What Happens in Sober Transitional Living?

In sober transitional living, clients at Hotel California by the Sea have the opportunity to form close bonds with like-minded peers while continuing their sober journey at HCBTS’ outpatient program. While clients are living in one of Hotel California by the Sea’s transitional living homes, they may continue seeing their designated psychotherapist, psychiatrist, and case manager in their outpatient program.

Clients in transitional living must attend HCBTS’ outpatient programs, despite the fact that these sober living homes are technically an entity that is seperate from our outpatient programs. HCBTS transitional living homes are only open to those who are also attending one of our outpatient programs in the Orange County, California area.

In transitional living, clients still participate in whatever level of care they are attending at Hotel California by the Sea. Transitional living is still a highly-structured environment that serves as the ideal step down for those discharging from detoxification or residential treatment.

Our transitional living homes may have a specific set of house rules outlining curfews, chores, and house meetings. However, these factors depend on the specific house.

Sober Living in Orange County, California

Hotel California by the Sea’s transitional homes for sober people in outpatient treatment programs provide ongoing structure and accountability to people recovering from drug or alcohol abuse.

By following through with lower levels of care, Hotel California by the Sea finds that many clients have a higher chance of staying sober.

Hotel California by the Sea’s addiction treatment program in Orange County, California, is one of the leading substance abuse facilities in the United States. We invest in our clients, offering the most modern and evidence-based therapies available in addiction treatment.

Sober Transitional Living

Many lower levels of care, such as partial hospitalization treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment are covered by private insurance plans.

Our housing programs can help clients who have transitioned from our highest levels of care to. For more information on our transitional living homes, including pricing, fill out one of our contact forms below or contact one of our admissions specialists.

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