Family Addiction Program at Hotel California by the Sea

Addiction is a disease of the entire family unit. By addressing the impact of an addicted loved one on their family, staff members at Hotel California by the Sea can help pose tangible solutions for permanent healing. With the family addiction program at HCBTS, someone may have a better chance at long-lasting sobriety and experience a dynamic recovery process in our care.

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The Family Addiction Program at Hotel California by the Sea is not the same as the family and marriage counseling that we offer to our clients. The Family Program occurs once a month at HCBTS. Hotel California by the Sea’s clinical leaders created our groundbreaking monthly family program for the loved ones of those in our care whose family members need extra support from other families and professional addiction experts.

The Effects Of Addiction On A Family

The unique family program at HCBTS is designed to help client’s family members and other loved ones recover from someone’s addiction. This program offers support, education, and community for clients and their family members.

Often, family members can feel a wide variety of emotions about their loved one’s addiction.

Family members may experience fear, anger, frustration, resentment, worry, grief, and pain at the hands of their loved one’s substance abuse problems. Sometimes, parents, spouses, and other family members find that they also feel incredible responsibility or blame themselves for their loved one’s addiction, or feel a need to save this person from their disease.

Hotel California by the Sea understands that by addressing all of these emotions with clients and their families, the entire family unit has a greater chance at full recovery from substance use disorders. In our Family Program at HCBTS, we address the multiple struggles that family members and other loved ones go through during someone’s addiction.

Involving family members and other supportive loved ones in a recovering addict’s treatment has been repeatedly proven to help clients heal wholly from addiction. Also, our family program can help create healthier and happier family members of those struggling with addiction and alcoholism.

Strained Relationships From Addiction

Addiction can sometimes tear people apart and put painful distance between family members. A lot of people who abuse drugs or alcohol inadvertently leave a path of destruction behind them.

Often people who abuse substances do embarrassing things that affect you profoundly, yet they may never even remember those things. You are left scared, mad, and ashamed. And they don’t even know why you feel that way. All of these factors can put a strain on relationships and cause family members to feel radically disconnected.

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Financial Burdens of Addiction

There are often financial ramifications caused by drug or alcohol abuse. You may have lent your loved one money, or perhaps they may have taken money or valuables from you. It’s hard to discuss finance when speaking about addiction. Still, it is also difficult to ignore the deep cuts that financial difficulties can evoke.

At Hotel California by the Sea (HCBTS), we recognize that family and loved ones have suffered. They need time and space to heal. Join one of our Family Program meetings and witness first-hand how we can help you mend what addiction has broken.

Family, loved ones, and an overall strong support network is each central to a person’s substance abuse recovery. Many treatment approaches include family therapy. Here at HCBTS, we recognize these methods as vital to the future and continued success of our clients.

How Does Family Programming Work at Hotel California by the Sea?

Hotel California by the Sea offers ongoing family programs to the family members and loved ones of our clients who are in recovery for a substance use disorder. Through our multi-faceted approach, we will help you find the balance you need to face your own world and the new one you will create with your recovering loved one.

Our Family Therapy Program is designed to educate you on the disease of addiction. It can be challenging to understand why a substance abuser does what they do. Hotel California by the Sea will teach you the science behind addiction and some ways to protect yourself from further hurt.

We have many strategies we can tell you about to help you work through the damage done by substance use disorders. We can explain the ideas behind a twelve-step program. We will help you with avoiding codependent and enabling behaviors and much more.

Hotel California by the Sea can also help you walk the path to your own healing. Let us work with you to change the negative interactions and demands of positivity and into a successful life for you and your loved one.

At HCBTS, we will help you reconnect with your loved one, who is in recovery. Recognizing and utilizing the resources available at Hotel California by the Sea will help improve family relationships and increase the effectiveness and success of your loved one’s substance recovery.

Family Addiction Program Vs. Individual Therapy

Recovery begins with the person who has an alcohol or drug addiction but includes a client’s entire support network. Hotel California by the Sea works with clients to create and effectively implement a program of addiction treatment tailored to the needs of the man, woman, or young adult who trusts us with their recovery.

Family programs, family counseling, and individual therapy all work in tandem with one another to encourage ultimate and well-rounded healing for our clients and their loved ones.

While individual therapy focuses on the well-being and treatment of the client. Hotel California by the Sea’s Family Therapy zeroes in on the needs of each of the client’s family members. How each family member interacts with the others is a complex and highly interconnected phenomenon.

Untangling these intricacies and figuring out how loved ones relate to each other can help bring about positive changes to the relationships and to the family as a whole.

Through our family program, HCBTS can help you create boundaries and restore bonds that will lead to a more healthy space for every member of a family to coexist. Our family approach also allows the recovering member to heal and to continue on with their sobriety.

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Hotel California By The Sea Family Program 2020 & 2021

Hotel California by the Sea’s clinical team holds our Family Program once every month. On the first Friday of every month, we open our doors to the men, women, and young adults who are the loved ones of our clients to gather together and receive support and information on addiction.

You can come once, twice, or as many times as you need to gain valuable insight into the disease of addiction and better support yourself and your loved one in their recovery. You will always find something new at our Family Program to help you achieve a more balanced and positive life.























What is the Carefrontation Program?

Part of the Family Program at Hotel California by the Sea is the Carefrontation Family Program. Scott and Jenny Graham, two world-renowned interventionists, add an essential piece to our family addiction counseling program. 

Carefrontation, versus confrontation, works on the premise that people must admit they have a problem with substance abuse and that they are in charge of accepting the responsibility to handle treating their addiction.

The idea here is that we must treat the substance abuser with dignity and respect while still holding them accountable for their choices and actions.

Family Programming at Hotel California by the Sea

Hotel California by the Sea has developed a highly specialized program geared toward the family members and loved ones of our clients. We know that for treatment to be effective and sobriety to be successful, the entire family unit needs support.

By working on family communication, dynamics, expectations, setting boundaries, dealing with someone who is having trouble with sobriety, and a myriad of other topics, you will be able to walk away with a tool chest of skills to help you be the best person you can be, as well as be the support for your recovering family member.

At HCBTS, we strongly encourage family members and loved ones to attend our Family Therapy Program as often as needed.  We have multiple recovery centers across the country to help our clients recover from alcohol and drug abuse. Learn more about our treatment programs here.

It is possible to recover from alcohol and drug addiction and stay recovered.
Hotel California by the Sea equips men with the skills necessary to freely experience life without mind-altering substances.
Call us today to learn more about how our men’s drug and alcohol rehab program makes that possible.

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