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Group Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment

Group Therapy for substance abuse has been proven to be an effective treatment modality for substance use disorders. Find out more about how our clients use group therapy as a treatment option for addiction recovery.

Hotel California by the Sea offers many evidence-based treatment modalities to its clients, such as individual therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and group therapy. HCBTS creates support groups for men, women, and young adults with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or other substance use disorders.

Group Therapy for substance abuse is a form of psychotherapy held in a meeting-style session with other clients. Within that safe and confidential setting, clients can listen and be heard by others in similar situations. A therapist is always present to help and to guide the group. Group therapy often makes people who have not experienced it feel a little nervous or intimidated.

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What is Group Therapy for Substance Abuse?

In group sessions and with a therapist facilitating, group members talk about their issues. Clients can work through their struggles by interacting with other individuals who have similar battles under the supervision of a trained psychologist. Within a group session, members might share their feelings, the experiences they are going through or have been through, their successes, their setbacks, and what they feel they need to succeed in addiction recovery.

Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

Clients can also receive feedback and support from the group and offer insights, encouragement, and help other members of the group. Each HCBTS group therapy session is conducted in a safe, secure, and confidential setting to ensure our clients are as comfortable as possible.

How Group Therapy Works at Hotel California by the Sea

Group Therapy for substance abuse may consist of new members or seasoned members, and all sessions are overseen by a certified therapist. Group therapy is a successful addiction recovery tool used by Hotel California by the Sea. Here is a glimpse into how group therapy works here at HCBTS!

Our Group Therapy for substance abuse sessions are technically called “interpersonal process groups.” They may consist of as few as three or as many as fifteen men, women, and young adult members. Group sessions meet as often as once a day to as little as once a week. This will depend on the treatment plan that you and your therapist have created together for you.

Group sessions typically last for one hour. Groups meet in the all-purpose room. Facilitators place chairs in a circle to accommodate all individuals and to allow everyone to be able to see and hear all other members of the group, as well as the supervising therapist.

The group’s leading therapist may ask members to share why they are in group therapy and how they have progressed since their last group session. You may speak on any personal setbacks experienced since the last group treatment. and any setbacks they may have experienced. The supervising therapist may then give a topic to discuss or ask for a group goal.

Often, the therapist has group members practice coping skills and social skills with each other. Hotel California by the Sea’s Group Therapy for substance abuse helps create a support group for men, women, and young adults with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or other substance use disorders. These sessions are safe and confidential, allowing clients to share with and support each other on their path to addiction recovery.


Benefits of Group Therapy at Hotel California by the Sea

The NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states in its article Types of Treatment Programs, “Research has shown that when Group Therapy for substance abuse either is offered in conjunction with individualized drug counseling or is formatted to reflect the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy or contingency management, positive outcomes are achieved.”

Many of our Southern California rehab center clients have been able to experience group therapy’s positive outcomes. One way people with drug and alcohol addiction and other substance use disorders who have experienced group therapy will tell you that they benefited from their group therapy is by being able to see other members who have succeeded. These group members act as role models. Group therapy is also considered by many to be a safe haven – a place they can freely speak, feel, practice skills, and relay experiences within the sanctuary of the group.

Another benefit of Group Therapy for substance abuse is that the sessions allow the supervising therapist to observe how the group’s individuals interact with each other and how they behave in social situations. Group Therapy for substance abuse also serves as a platform for men, women, and young adults to not feel isolated and get support, encouragement, and ideas to help them recover. Groups supply the need to hear from and talk to others who are going through similar situations and have felt the same emotions. Members in a group also help keep each other accountable, while offering positive support.

Thinking about getting help for substance abuse?

Get Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

Men, women, and young adults who enter our doors to get sober often bring many issues and repercussions from their substance use, all of which are compiling at once. For example, clients may face health issues, family responsibilities, work demands, and social repercussions while trying to recover from alcohol, drugs, or other substance use disorders. Finding the answer to addiction recovery means that you need to find treatment. It is challenging to remain abstinent and gain the confidence and coping skills required to stay unbeaten in addiction recovery if you are trying to go about it yourself.

Hotel California by the Sea wants to remind anyone with a substance use disorder that they are not alone. Let HCBTS assist you in creating a treatment plan that will allow you to be successful in planning and carrying out your recovery!

You will work with a team of treatment professionals who understand your situation. When working with your team, you will create a treatment plan that guides you through addiction recovery while meeting the demands of family, work, health, and social commitments.

Hotel California by the Sea offers Group Therapy for substance abuse as one part of many evidence-based treatments. Our drug and alcohol treatment centers also provide comprehensive treatment to the individual and support their family and loved ones. Call, text, or chat with a representative to learn more about how we can help you get treatment for your substance use disorder.


Treating Mental Illness with Group Therapy

Besides treating addiction, Group Therapy for substance abuse has also been proven to be highly effective in treating other maladies. For example, group therapy helps people who suffer from various mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders, major depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Group Therapy for substance abuse offers individuals a look at others who are like them. Doing this, they realize they are not alone and that treatment really can work. Group therapy gives clients a network of people with no other motive than to help one another. People are not islands, and treating mental illness is not something that has to be done in isolation.

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