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With the assistance of health insurance coverage, substance abuse treatment and co-occurring mental health disorders related to substance abuse is more accessible than ever. At Hotel California by The Sea we strive to provide premier, evidenced based drug and alcohol addiction treatment at an affordable price. We accept most major insurance plans and are contracted as an in-network provider with a number of large insurers. 

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Searching for the right addiction treatment provider can be a confusing and stressful process. Our team of experts will put you at ease by verifying your insurance benefits as well as providing a detailed explanation of your coverage within our program. We can also help you understand the details regarding financial responsibilities after insurance reimbursement and the types of treatments covered under your policy. 

The insurance verification process is completely confidential. By providing us with some general information regarding your insurance policy, we will be able to ensure that treatment for substance use disorders is covered by your plan. We take into consideration deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket expenses to provide you with the most accurate estimation of cost. 

Below is a list of the most popular insurance providers we accept at Hotel California by The Sea:

To learn more about your benefits and coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, fill out the form below, or live chat with our admissions team today – we look forward to assisting you! 

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Our streamlined admissions process at Hotel California by the Sea

We make our rehab admissions process as streamlined and easy as possible for our clients. Clients will go through an initial intake interview where their medical, psychological and family history is taken into consideration. We take the initiative to reach out to the clients insurance provider to gather all the necessary information regarding financial and rehab treatment benefits. We review all the substance treatment options offered at any one of our multiple locations, whether it be inpatient or outpatient programming. And finally, we manage and coordinate all of the logistics of detox admissions once a patient has decided to seek treatment with us at our drug and alcohol rehab.

Step 1: Initial client Intake

Seeking substance and alcohol addiction rehab can be stressful and scary. No matter which location you choose to get help from, whether it be California, Washington or Ohio, at Hotel California by the Sea, we are here to make that very first step into recovery encouraging, helpful and easy. Upon initial intake, each patient will receive a comprehensive healthcare assessment administered by our experienced intake coordinator.

A healthcare assessment is a plan of care that pinpoints the specific needs of an individual and how those needs will be addressed. This vital first step helps us determine the best-individualized care for each of our patients. Important information such as current struggles, previous treatment and overall medical and psychiatric history will be asked during the assessment. By learning more about the patient and their history, the better we will be able to meet their needs. The clinical and medical team will review each assessment and guide each patient through his or her unique care plan. 

Step 2: We will verify your Insurance

With the assistance of health insurance coverage, substance addiction treatment is more accessible than ever. In all three of our main locations, Hotel California by the Sea provides premiere, evidenced-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment at an affordable price. We believe our specialty treatment programs should be accessible to everyone who is serious about their recovery and a financial situation should never deter anyone from getting help. Our team of experts can make verifying your insurance simple and as stress free as possible.

We will call your insurance on your behalf, provide you with a detailed explanation of your coverage within our program and help you navigate all the details regarding financial responsibilities. We will even go through all the necessary administrative insurance hoops for you. The insurance verification process is completely confidential. When you provide us with some general information regarding your insurance policy, we can help you better understand the substance use disorder treatments that are covered by your plan.

We accept most major insurance plans and are contracted as an in-network provider with a number of large insurance policies.

Step 3: Reviewing our specialized Treatment Options

Substance addiction treatment plans are highly personal. Our drug rehab program believes that an individualized treatment plan provides a higher success rate compared to a one-size fits all approach. Length of treatment all depends on each patient and their unique needs.

At our drug and alcohol rehab, we offer comprehensive and effective treatment options to meet the needs of each of our patients. As a leading substance addiction treatment provider, we offer medical detox, residential inpatient programming, partial hospitalization programming (PHP), and intensive outpatient programming (IOP).

The first step in recovery usually begins with a medical detox. Under the guidance and careful monitoring of medical professionals, patients will be able to safely and comfortably detox from their addictive substances. To further help with the discomforts that may arise, various forms of medication assisted treatments and withdrawal management strategies may be used.

Inpatient residential programming helps those who are still vulnerable in the early stages of recovery, where they can be cared for 24/7 and receive daily assessments to make adjustments to their treatment plan as needed. In this level of care, patients will begin various therapy treatments such as EMDR and CBT to help treat co-occurring mental health disorders. Though mental disorders and substance addiction are not always a catalyst for each other, when they do coincide in diagnosis, it is best to treat them simultaneously for a better recovery outcome.

In outpatient programs such as PHP and IOP, patients will continue to receive recommended therapeutic treatments while working on slowly integrating back into society without the dependence of drugs and alcohol. Patients will also have access to services such as educational and professional career support along with family support services. During this time patients will also be encouraged to participate in addiction recovery support groups to further assist in their recovery journey.

Step 4: You have committed to recovery at Hotel California by the Sea

Now that you have committed to recovery with us, we will help guide you in every step of the process. Our clients come from all over the country. Our experienced admissions team will help you through all of the logistics in getting to one of our three main locations in California, Washington or Ohio, transportation to our inpatient or outpatient facilities and all other details that come with entering into a rehab program.

Once you have booked your ticket to come to one of our rehab locations, we will take care of making sure you get on your flight, we will arrange transportation pick up from the airport or any local pick ups and we will make sure your loved ones are at ease knowing you are in safe hands. By managing and arranging this first step, patients have one less factor to worry about and focus on their treatment and recovery. When you arrive at our facility, you will be given a biopsychosocial assessment, have a comprehensive treatment plan created to meet your individual needs and begin your journey to recovery.

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