Using Kaiser Permanente of Washington In-Network Coverage for Rehab Costs

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If you or a loved one are a member of Kaiser of Washington health insurance, you are eligible for addiction treatment at Hotel California by the Sea. Kaiser Permanente Insurance plans cover various behavioral health services. We will utilize your insurance to help you get the comprehensive treatment you need to recover.

Hotel California by the Sea offers comprehensive services for those struggling with substance use disorder. If you have an insurance plan through Kaiser of Washington, you may qualify for full or partial coverage of your inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment at Hotel California by the Sea. Clients under Kaiser of Washington can take advantage of the in-network benefits. PPO policy holders can also attend treatment in our other locations in California and Ohio.

Our experience and expertise in insurance enables us to guide you through the process of paying for rehab with Kaiser of Washington. We will assist you in verifying your benefits with a treatment provider, determining your various treatment options, and ultimately, helping you take the first step in recovering from your drug and alcohol addiction.

Hotel California by the Sea accepts Kaiser of Washington and many other major private insurance companies in the United States.

Kaiser Permanente complies with Brennen’s Law (HB 1099). This Washington state law requires health plans to provide specific information about accessing mental health care to members.” – Mental Health and Wellness, Kaiser Permanente. 

Verifying your Kaiser health insurance plan benefits  

If you have a Kaiser health insurance plan, it is likely that your addiction treatment, whether inpatient, outpatient, or even general substance abuse counseling, will be fully or partially covered. However, each individual’s health care plan and behavioral health benefits typically vary between state, provider, and services rendered.  

You can verify your Kaiser health insurance plan benefits with us in less than 60 seconds and discover whether your plan covers inpatient, outpatient, or another substance abuse treatment at Hotel California by the Sea.

Let’s make it simple. Discover your Kaiser Permanente coverage below.


What does Kaiser of Washington cover?  

ID Card for Kaiser Permanente Rehab Coverage

Kaiser of Washington health plans cover many forms of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, some of which are mentioned below: 

How to find out whether Kaiser covers your Mental Health Treatment 

There are various ways you can find out whether Kaiser will cover addiction treatment for you or your loved one. Our admissions team is able to quickly determine your specific coverage and benefits. 

First, you can call our admissions team and ask them to run a verification of benefits.

Our team will guide you step by step through what is needed for verification on your end.

When speaking to one of our insurance specialist, you will need the following:

  • Your member ID number. 
  • Your group number. 
  • Your date of birth. 

How much will Rehab cost with Kaiser?

There is no saying exactly how much rehab will cost with Kaiser of Washington health insurance. The majority of clients at Hotel California by the Sea pay wholly or partially through their private insurance plans benefits. Others may choose to pay privately, without insurance, through Hotel California by the Sea’s billing department. 

Hotel California by the Sea, along with other addiction treatment providers, is not responsible for an individual’s deductible, co-insurance, or other predetermined costs on behalf of their private insurance company and insurance plan.

We will thoroughly explain your benefits to you, so there is no surprise cost associated with your treatment.

Finding Drug Rehab and Substance Abuse Treatment in Washington State   

There are hundreds of treatment programs in the Washington state area that are catered to various populations that suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. 

Hotel California by the Sea in Bellevue, Washington, stands out as an exemplary and comprehensive treatment center. We offer detoxification services for people suffering from addiction to drugs such as heroin, alcohol, stimulants, prescription medications, and more. We utilize a plethora of customized treatment methods and offer exclusive programs and services that help our clients repair every part of their life.  Kaiser of Washington is in-network with Hotel California. For clients wishing to utilize their Kaiser insurance benefits who are not in Washington or part of Kaiser of Washington, we advise you to obtain a Kaiser ID issued by the insurance company. This ID will allow the client to receive insurance benefits in our Washington treatment location.

Hotel California by the Sea in Washington, along with our other locations, focuses on treating the whole person. For this reason, we offer services such as marriage and family counseling and monthly addiction education programs for our patients and their loved ones. Our goal for you is to recover from your addiction and return to life free from the hindrance of addiction.  


Hotel California by the Sea accepts most Kaiser insurance plans  

Ready to overcome your addiction once and for all? Come to Hotel California by the Sea. We have locations in: 

  • Bellevue, Washington. 
  • Newport Beach, California. 
  • Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Our highly caring staff members can help you or your loved one escape the wrath of addiction and begin a new life today. 

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